Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Bayfest

I got over to the Adventure Inn, by about 2:30 pm. I sat and played with a sign which Harold made, which said "Playing For Tips, Thanks"
Harold gave me a barbecue sandwich, a coke and a bag of chips. He also gave me a key to room 122, which was under repairs. I made about 7 bucks off of the people, who were on their way to the Bayfest, and conservative with their money, not knowing what other expenses they were going to incur at the festival.
Harold gave me another 10 bucks, and I went into town.
I stopped at the Dauphin Store to find that all of their prices had been increased. They had paper signs on the beer coolers which said "$3" Beer is usually $1.20, which is already more than anywhere else in town.
The guy, who knows me pretty well from our frequent conversations, sold me a 211 for $1.49.
I walked from there to the Exxon, seeking cheaper beer, and scoping out the arrangement of stages, and keeping an eye out for a good spot to set up and play for tips.
The Exxon had not raised their prices ("We don't play those games," was what the cashier said)
I enhanced my experience of The Bayfest with 2 more 211's, and then headed for town, to try playing for the throngs of people.
Scraggly-Haired Fan
I ran into a scraggly-haired man, who was apparently inebriated, and who was headed to a spot, which he has been at during Bayfest the past 3 years. He invited me to drink beer and liquor and listen to Motley Crue, a famous band from the 80's, which he said was the only band that "matters." He may wear his hair in tribute to them.
We went to his spot, which was a wall on the border of a parking lot, from where we could see the large-screen TV image of the band which was on stage, called Saving Abel. I was pretty impressed with Saving Abel. They are in the "alternative rock' genre, and so I had never really heard them, because I don't like the other alternative rock bands that they are mixed in with, because they play too many "power chords" with the 5th in the bass, probably because they think that they are even more powerful that way, and their vocalists all seem to be trying to imitate the style which is "selling."
Creed is supposedly a "Christian Rock" band, but that might be obvious from looking at them.
Jewel used to be homeless, but that may be obvious from looking at her.
This style is throaty and nasal, started with bands like Bush and Creed, and spread to more than 55 other bands. They pronounce the word "you,' as "Yow,' and it irks me. The female vocalists of most of the bands which are played on the alternative rock stations, also try to imitate the style which is selling. That one kind of started with Jewel, and spread to at least 55 other singers, like a virus. They pronounce the word "you" as "yow" also, but that is about the only place where the two styles overlap. It irks me even more to hear the females pronounce you as yow.
The scraggly-haired guy was complaining that his "friends" had all of his beer and his liquor in their backpacks, and had disappeared on him, when he had gone to get another lighter after losing his. How could someone just lose their lighter? Two words: beer and liquor.
We sat through Saving Abel, and watched as kids roller bladed around the parking lot, while we drank beer and liquor.
At one point, a couple of his "friends" returned, and turned out to be none other than Corrie, and her "boyfriend," who is twice her age. I'm not an envious person, but I make an exception for him. Corrie gave me a long (25 seconds of feeling like I was One with the universe) hug, and said that she had been worried about me.
She and her boyfriend had passes for Bayfest around their necks, which someone had given them. She was all smiles and proud of her pass. She knew that it was worth 45 dollars, and made the comment that, between her 45 pass, and her boyfriends, they had passes worth... she paused, unable to do the math. "90 bucks," said her boyfriend, who is quicker with figures, apparently. Corrie has quite a figure, incidentally.
They swore to the scraggly-haired guy that they were not the ones who absconded with his beer and his liquor. I vouched for them, as being honest, as far as I could tell. The scraggly-haired man exonerated them, and washed them clean of all guilt with liquor and beer.
Someone had also given them 10 bucks, and Corrie wanted a glow stick more than any 'ol thing in the world. She left momentarily, and returned with the pass hanging around her neck, along with a glow-necklace. I have never seen anyone more giddy in my life. 'Tis a gift to be simple. She told me not to give up and that I would be on the stage next year, instead of Saving Abel and Motley Crue, because "You play from your soul." She may be a prophetess.
That hairstylist can't hide from us forever!
Motley Crue was HORRIBLE with more than just a capital "H". They sounded like they hadn't picked up their guitars since the 80's, when they became famous.
And now, I must run to get strings. I played on the street, after fleeing the sound of Motley Crue, and made another 5 or 6 bucks. Alcohol may have been a contributing factor to such a poor outcome.

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