Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Songwriting Contest

Serda's is having a songwriting contest next month. The winner gets to cut a CD in a studio, and some other stuff.
It is sponsored by the local newpaper, the local "zoo" radio station, and the local Arts and Entertainment magazine type thing.
I can win the contest, if I make a consorted effort; and I'm not really sure what "consorted" even means, I'll have to look that up.
I will have to listen to the "zoo" radio station. This part worries me, because the judge from that station listens to hip hop and R&B all day.
The other guy from the magazine, I will have to read his reviews to see what he likes.
The newpaper editor, ditto.
I have registered for the second week, on November 10th. Two finalists will be chosen from each night, and the six of them will compete on the last night. Losers are not allowed to re-try. This is why I registered for the second week, because the first week, the two finalists will probably be chosen from a bunch of people, eliminating all but the two winners. This may decimate the songwriting population of Mobile, leaving less competitors for the second week. Maybe I should try to move to the third week, following this logic.
I need to go, I have work to do.

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