Saturday, January 29, 2011


Very busy with the Senior Bowl happening in town. Lots of talent scouts and agents walking around. People tight with their money as they are probably spending the whole week here and conserving funds for one last gala, perhaps tonight.
The trumpet player, Don, set up on my favorite spot last night.
I only made about 10 bucks, due to the aforementioned tightness, at my acoustically superior spot. Don probably made more, especially after midnight, when my "early" spot slows down.
He banters with the folk walking past, and only blows a note or two on his horn every once and a while; most of his time is spent in chatting the people up, which in turn leads to them throwing him a few bucks.
I don't know if I need to arrive early and claim the spot tonight. I'm sure that the guy who sets up a hot dog stand at the same spot probably mentioned that I play there regularly (after midnight.)
I wonder if he told the horn guy that I do pretty well there, and if that will mean that the horn guy will arrive early and we will have to compete for the spot.
I don't know, but, above is a cartoon which will make sense only to the readers of the underground newspaper which I published in High School, and for which I was expelled...

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