Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Group "The Vespers"

Up With The Sun
I went to Serda's last night and saw some group named "The Vespers," playing at the open mic event.
There were 5 of them, and they are travelling from somewhere, to somewhere else. I think they mentioned "Nashville."
I didn't get to do my newest reclaimed song, as, Vesper played a pretty long set, and then were followed by some of the regulars, to include Jimmy Lee, who did an electronica type thing, using repeated loops of himself singing, and then singing over the top of the loops of himself, until there was a huge choir of Jimmy Lee's.
My song would have been a change of pace, at least, however, it was not to be.
The Vespers
As the hour got late and it became apparent that I would have had to have been "sqeezed" on at the end, I opted to work another week on the song, somthing that I began this morning.
Tonight there is an open mic at Thai Kitchen, a spot frequented by Elizabeth Elliot, the poet, among other notables.
The Vesper's Facebook, where I found the photo to the right, claims that the two girls are siblings, and the two guys are siblings.
It said that they are touring the U.S. and will soon be back in Nashville.
They played very simple accompaniment, and relied upon vocal harmony and sounding as if the songs held deep meaning to them...

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