Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Lose A Follower

Logging on this morning, I saw that my number of followers has decreased from 6 to 5. I guess I've dropped the ball and made one lame post too many, and lost hold of the interest of one now ex-follower.
It feels like having 16.6% of my heart ripped out.
I Can see from the Chart above, which I lifted off of my "stats" page, that I am still apparently being followed by the Lidgleys, which is evident by the green shading which colors the country of Great Britain, where they live in London. It is unlikely that some other English person is following the blog. Someone is using a Macintosh instead of a "Windows" operating system, and I think that could be the Lidgleys, also.
I have no idea who in Alaska reads this, or if Alaska is automatically shaded as part of the United States; if so, then why is Hawaii not?
Children coming to hear about Jesus from me
Fictitious Life?
I will try to generate more interest, perhaps by making up a fictitious life, in place of the one that I am living. Which reminds me; have I posted about the missionary work that I have been doing in Guatemala, on the slow weekdays. I think I have a photo somewhere.
These kids barely have electricity, and have to share one bible between all 20 of them; it's heartbreaking. I get as much fulfillment out of the work that I do in Central America, as I do playing music on the streets of Mobile.
Speaking of which, I am off once again to try to learn a Phil Collins song, after my aborted attempt yesterday.

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