Thursday, February 14, 2013

Houston, We Have A Problem

The day after Mardi Gras ended, I went out onto Decatur Street to play and to see if, in fact, Mardi Gras and its spirit had departed.
It was some pretty fruitless busking; and I was reminded of my words to Howard, to the effect of saying that if the economy slumped drastically after the end of the festival; then, I (we) would be out of here and headed for Houston, Texas. As soon as possible.
Houston, Texas; exactly as it looks to the naked eye; isn't it a pretty city?
Ok, then; I am going to wash all my clothes and perhaps start thinking about hopping a train.
Last night, I hardly made anything; and what better time than when the weather is forcast to be moderate over the next few days; let's get outta here! 

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