Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quiet Tuesday

I am growing my music collection here at the library on this Wednesday morning. The Hubbell Branch, (right) down the street from where we sleep.
Yesterday was forgettable, as it was chilly and breezy and I could have played because there were people out; but decided to mess around with computer stuff; and relax for at least a day, instead.
One must choose a day to take off and relax; with Monday or Tuesday not always the obvious choices.
There is "always something going on" here, even on Tuesdays; and if the weather permits; one might want to take the opportunity to make something of a day such as that. The weekend might bring thunder and lighting...
I am now adding:
  • Grateful Dead - Workingmans Dead
  • Jeff Beck - Emotion and Commotion
  • Bob Dylan - Tempest
  • Tom Waits - The Heart of Saturday Night
to the collection on the hard drive of my laptop.
So far, Elvis Costellos "National Ransom" has been the new music that has been ringing in my head, lately.
Last night, I ate English Muffins dipped in olive oil with artichoke hearts.
I was surprised to see the birds attacking the scraps of artichoke that I had left on the ground.
I have begun to make primitive "test" recordings on this computer, having installed the Audacity program which came with Fedora 15. 
Other than that, it was a quiet Tuesday...
Elvis Costello Carries One...
I want to get a composition notebook; and to start the task of making a list of the songs that I know; so that I can refresh my memory of them; and the songs that I want to learn; plus the lyrics for all my originals; especially the ones that I had verses to each time I improvise them, like "Hubert's Trip," -a song about a friend of mine who drove a 1978 Plymouth Fury around the nation, taking pictures and writing in a journal (stopping at McDonalds to use a urinal...)


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