Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There Is A House In New Orleans

You blog readers are going to have to just sit tight; there is so much going on right now which is of so much more import than the taking of time out from these expolits in order to report on their ilk.
That being said;
Last night, I played on Canal Street and made enough money to pay for my entire day.*
*I made back what I had spent.
To me this is "standing still."
Because the money that I spent upon this particular day was not representative of the money that I "really" spend each day, once you factor in one-time expenses, like buying a camel to tote your music gear around, or getting new strings every 7 days.
There Probably Already Exists A Program, But
I am studying the UNIX book that I got at Goodwill; especially the section about the "stream editor" with which I am sure that I can write that program that I have been dreaming about; the one that I can feed the plain text of these posts to and it will change it into the final product by making the first three words of a paragraph stand out (enlarging it; different font) and changing the colour of each successive paragraph to a random* colour; like anyone sees when they read my posts.
Right now, I have to manual do the thing.
This takes 10 more minutes of formatting, on average.
I am working on a program which will do this for me. I will feed the text file in, and it will produce paragraphs which differ from each other in the color that they are rendered in.
*random: Ok, there are some colours that look "better" with other colours, I suppose.
You see yellow and purple adjacent to one another, for example.
When I manually change colours, I might do things like change a paragraph in which money is a subject to green.
Purple is for "forgiveness" and usually colours a paragraph which deals with the "forgiving" of some worthless piece of street trash, I mean, individual.
There are reasons that I choose certain colours for certain paragraphs and these reasons will be left to be negotiated by a totally randomly generated color by the program which I will soon write which will automate a huge blogging task which has been my bane; but only temporarily, I hope.
Soon, I will use keywords to influence the ultimate behaviour of the "random color generator" in a way that my brain does.
The program will search the vocabulary and be able to discern things like anger, for example, by scanning the words "pissed off" and will apply "red" (for anger; you know, like Mars, the (red) planet of "war") and such; "dollars" would prompt a green paragraph, to extend the illustration.
Neither May Lilly The Ukulele Players
Art Not To Be Recognized Until Posthumous
I don't think my art will be recognized until a substantial amount of years have passed after my demise....
Good Music Here
So, now I go to get more music and to burn it onto my laptop and by this action equip myself with a veritable portable entertainment system. I want to get really good headphones. What a joy to plug those into the laptop and listen to music under the American Redcedar trees (near the statue of Louis Armstrong)!
Larger Concerns In Life
So, I have even larger concerns in life..
The money is holding up. 
The great windfall of the 100+ dollar weekend is holding fast and only being eroded away by the occasional overspending upon unessesary items; like everything.
Findings Are In
I found a full pouch of American Spirit tobacco, which goes for 10 dollars; laying by the side of the road. It contains enough tobacco to last me until next week.
The Goodwill Store cashier entered some kind of program on the screen at her register and typed in something; when I was buying my pants and my Dave Matthews CD and my Unix book and they became half-priced. It was the homeless discount.
If I continue to buy nice clothes from there and at some point the line becomes blurred between weather I am homeless or not and they start to charge me full price at the Goodwill, I guess I will just have to dress accordingly and maybe not shave for a couple days before going there.
Well, that's it readers...
I might be in a *house soon.
I have "Homeless Court" on the 20th.
*I might rent the house to someone while a gall-avant a bit around the country this summer; paid in advance, of course...
Social Work To Be Done
They are going to try to help me.
They are going to get one of their professionals in the mental health trade to interview me and to determine that I for some reason am unable to manage my life and as a result sleep under a stand of cedar trees, and that I am an excellent candidate for their "program."
They might just give me some empty house somewhere that the owner cannot sell except to the agencies that house the homeless.
And then, who knows? The place will become a recording studio in short order.
I will surely have to pursue gainful employment in the New Orleans area...as a "stipulation," of course.
And, of course, as my income increases, so will the expectation that I will cover more of my rent; it may even add up to a situation where all the money that I make at my new job is usurped in order to pay my rent; but; that will give me a good feeling, so I suppose I would be cool with it.
Homeless Court: March 20th.

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