Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Money Is Freedom"

Yesterday, we left off with an account of the discussion about food which occured between myself, the banana eating Dorise, and the chicken and sushi and greens eating Tanya.
As I watched Tanya play, I realised that there was a good chance that she would burn every calorie which she consumed and then some and actually lose weight that day....
I wondered if Dorise was happy to see me accompany Tanya to the store; hoping that I would steer her towards more life-giving foods; and then was disappointed to see us return; both eating chicken...

Money Is Freedom
"Money is freedom," was the opinion of Hubert Borg, who is a good friend of mine; whom I met in college (will maybe have his own "profile page" when I get around to using those tabs above the blog window...
"If you have enough money; you can do whatever you feel like that particular day..." Hubert went on.
So, it being Tuesday; I have the freedom to blog; have already done my laundry; and it seems that the stars may be aligning for me to be able to attend the event of Tanya and Dorise playing at a place over by the French Market from 8 till 10 tomorrow evening. Tanya invited me.
I got 50 bucks wired to me from a good friend whom I met in High School yesterday.
As soon as I had hung up, after hearing him say that he would wire me money; my phone beeped and informed me that I was out of minutes.
I did my laundry today; as noted.
I was disappointed to see that the stains left on clothing by the splattering of a certain insect which is all over the cedar trees and all over the ground, in numbers that make it impossible to sit or lay anywhere without crushing a few of the staining things into your clothing; had not washed out.
But; that is how it stands.
I played a bit yesterday evening (even though I was a 50 dollar-aire) and maybe added 5 bucks to my wealth.


  1. It' her answer to whatever life throws at her; smile...
    and since life threw Tanya at her, I imagine that's more to smile about

  2. I'd sure smile if life threw Tanya at me!

    I sold a pair of pants to a cutie who's "working" (mostly volunteering) as an EMT today. Too bad I'm sick and my voice sounds like I've been smoking for 100 years or so.

    My latest evil plan is to do exactly what I'd planned to do just before I lost everything: Learn the violin and learn to do at least bow-rehairing on violins. I *was* taking lessons and doing super well, it's not that danged hard to play. I've just started researching and there are no shit, something like 20 excellent string shops in the Bay Area at least. It's bonkers. And they're all going bonkers, they're so busy. Violin seems a natural fit for me, and for some reason it's very well accepted. Asians are all nuts over the violin and there are tons of Asians here, I could probably play in front of the 99 Ranch market near me and at least not be chased off.

    But I'm so lo' on do' I need to save up first. I've still got my dumb blog going, but since I'm not using it to solicit funds like you, Rabb1t, Ran Prieur, Homeless Philosopher, and a multitude of others are, I'm not sure why I bother with the thing.


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