Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You've Read Some Already...

I woke up this morning with some extra cash which I had gotten on Bourbon Street late the previous night.
I can't remember anything about it except the satisfaction that I had gotten after nailing a few songs to my satisfaction and the almost instant tips going into my case.
I was all around the Quarter and on foot, as the bike still has the flat tire and the shop isn't going to be open until tomorrow.
I plan upon putting the bike, flat tire and all, on the front of one of the city busses and getting it there, rather than pushing the thing with a flat tire; wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the guitar and backpack fighting for my attention with the bike with the flat tire.
Saturday night, I continued to avoid Tanya and Dorise.
There was no reason to do this, as, it might indicate that I felt that they had wronged me in some way.
But, I needed to let some time pass between being told things like "Tanya invited you there; so it would look like they had a following; even if they had to kick you out it would show that there were people clammouring to hear them play."
I don't believe that.

I think that Tanya invited me because she just wanted one more friend there.
I Accept Responsibility For Everything

"You wouldn't worry so much about what people thought about you if you knew how little they think about you" -Jesse
I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the music that I played there at Caseys just wasn't good enough.
For one thing, I got totally shit faced before going there, out of fear that I wouldn't be in the mood to play should the occasion arise; and out of plain nervousness and due to the fact that 8 p.m. is well after the "sundown" time when I usually have my first drink .
If I would have played something more entertaining; that might have made a difference.
I should have gone with the attitude like it was an open mic night and the people in the place were the ones to try to entertain; instead; I think I just wanted it to be fun for Tanya and Dorise; which in turn would have been fun for everyone; but I didn't get into my zone...
Alex In California Weighs In
The other thing is: I might have stashed my backpack somewhere and just showed up carrying a guitar and wearing clean clothes and not smelling except of patchoulli.
Alex In California, has the opinion that business is hindered by the presence of bums, who clutter places with their bags and offend people with their odors; and that Casey might be on high guard against the presence of anything similar in his bar.
Yeah, I thought about that; but I thought also about the fact that T&D are really doing the bar a favor by playing there; maybe in return for a favor done earlier when the girls were in Orlando and they were somehow hosted at Caseys then bar there. I thought that if having other musicians show up and hang around was part of their "persona" then, so be it. Their success speaks for itself...
And, about spending money in the place; I will have to just let that go. In my opinion, if people buy drinks for someone and/or food, then it is just as if the person came in and spent his own money, in my opinion.
Brian Hudson Weighs In
Brian Hudson, in a conversation which we had almost a month ago, told me something which I will paraphrase as::

"Just the fact that you are thinking about her (Tanya) so much; means that you are thinking of her for the wrong reasons..." -Brian Hudson

Paul (of Doreens Jazz Band) Weighs In (Out?)

Paul just smiled as I recounted the story of last Thurdsay with his lips pressed togeher in an expression which might have said "I could say something, but I'm not going to..."
He has been playing professionally on the street for 20+ years; Tanya and Dorise for 10+ years, and I'm sure that they each could say something but aren't going to...
Adding Class To The Place

The other thing is that; my take on Casey is that:
He is from Detroit, which is in the North, which is a place that I understand.
He is following a proven formula for success in business.
It is one that I recognize and understand.
I just thought that, if he was a friend of Tanya and Dorise, then maybe he was on the same wavelength on certain issues, like them bringing in guest performers, hoping to add variety and maybe even help the guest artist along with their careers.
He has hired an excellent couple of musicians, who instantly set a standard in music as soon as they play, and that standard should carry over in that, a more "highbrow" crowd might be attracted there.
I told Casey that if Tanya and Dorise make it a habit to play there, then, within 8 months, the place will be packed and people will make reservations in advance to be there; and they will be turning some away. Then, I would understand myself not being allowed to hang around and maybe do a song or two...
I think Caseys intention is to "add class to the place," by bringing T&D there, and that is the well-spring of my problems; and supercedes the musical aspect of things.
He has basically given me the impression that he is looking for a reason to throw me out.
His assertions that I was taking space from paying customers (in a half full bar) and that I was bumming cigarettes (after I offered to buy one for a quarter) and that I was not spending money (though others were buying me things) all seem to be "politically correct" ways around saying "We don't allow homeless people here..." 
But, will the girls keep playing there; at a place that "big times" a friend of theirs because he happened to be broke on consecutive Thursday nights?
I happen to know that Tanya and Dorise are trying to be "greater than the music," and the fact that they have helped out a homeless street musician like myself is a testament to that.
I think they are set financially, and don't need to play at a bar on Thursday nights; unless they can make it something special in some way which will feed them artistically rather than drain them.

Saturday Night
An Asian Girls Face
"If you want to marry a Chinese woman, you need to accept the fact that she is going to be a little girl for the rest of her life; if you're OK with that, then go ahead..." -Howard
Out of the corner of my eye, as I crossed Royal Street, I saw the most incredibly beautiful face hovering in the semi darkness and seeming to be almost Photoshopped onto the black background behind her. An Asian girls face.
She seemed to be about 16 and the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen; including in my imagination.
I figured that it was a hallucination.


  1. I heard you play on Bourbon Street, I was upstairs in the very house that you have mentioned, laying on a bed and staring at the ceiling and laughing my ass off at your lyrics; which; I get it; it was your blog post of yesterday set to (amazing) music;
    I get it; I'm the one that threw the large bill that you never saw;
    but, my heart goes out to you in your quest to connect to any but the few of us...

    I think I know what that song was about ..the one about the girl who really (really) loved cabbage...
    -your no-longer-anonymous reader on Bourbon Street

  2. Well, mykfandy Apple laptop died, and the Thinkpad I was lent is horrible to a comical degree. I'm typing this on a little Samsung tablet I got whis is getter than nothing.

    Seriously, I speend too much time online anyway so, take it easy buddy.

  3. I'm back at my go-to wifi place, the lovely(?) Bay 101 casino, went back and got the thinkpad and had another try at getting it online and was successful.

    It's a T60, a real old beast, although I see older ones around here. So, I can do the stuff I need to do again. The tablet can't handle listing/updating Craig's List pages! So I might return it.

    I think I need to keep an eye out for decent used laptops, at least have one back-up. Like if I'd kept my old iBook which I sold for $100, I'd have just pulled it out of the closet and been back working seamlessly.

  4. An interesting development now: I can comment on here for some reason, but I can't make any new posts on my blog. Reason enough to just erase the thing, really. Things are going just as I've long forecast, that tech would go downward and downward, to the point where the internet would be just read-only corporate stuff. This is why you are on the right track playing guitar in a real place with real people who throw real money, and why I think I'm on the right track getting back to learning violin (and how to repair them too).

    I know you need your blog to beg; it keeps people like the Lidgleys sending you stuff. But in my case I really have no need for a blog at all.

  5. Now Blogger won't let me delete my blog so it will just sit there empty I guess.

  6. Geez, Alex the fact that you posted such long posts is enough of a reason to leave it up there.
    There really is some dude out there who is all about selling and repairing electronics and who would probably love to read it (in Bolivia)
    Before I consider a move out there I will certainly study everything as far as places and times to busk off of your blog

  7. It's all down now, though.

    You pretty much have a proven routine. It may not be how I'd do it, but it's allowed you to survive for years.

    Yes, I do think you'd make more money out here in Cali. However, there's so much free shit you get out there that isn't available here. Such as, tons of free left-overs of high quality and tons of free drinks. Plus your food stamps seem to be pretty low-hassle. Out here they're high-hassle.


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