Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Four Days Ago Until Two Days Ago...

Into Friday
Friday, I decided to do my own thing and to avoid Tanya and Dorise altogether.
"You wouldn't care so much about what people think of you if you knew how little they think of you" -Jesse (grizzled guy)
Jesse Weighs In
I ran into Jesse (formerly known as the grizzled old guy who plays guitar) on his corner and told him about my misadventure the previous night at CaseysIntheQuarter.
His face lit up into a smile as I related the details.
It had confirmed everything that he had ever told me about the duo.
The grizzled old guy thinks that they only care about themselves.
He mentions the volume at which they play as evidence of this. I guess they have played close to him before and drowned him out...
Purples Weigh In
Then, I ran into the band that I refer to as "The Purples" but whom actually perform under their names of Dave and (I forget). They wear purple.
The lady, dressed accordingly, standing under their purple umbrella, told me that I should have bought one drink and nursed it the whole night.
She felt that "They didn't want to mess up their gig," was the reason that Tanya and Dorise didn't stick up for me to Casey, if they in fact didn't.
She advised me to learn "bar etiquette," and to sip upon one glass of gin for 2 hours, next time.
I made a wide path around the block where T&D were playing and went up to the Bourbon Street spot, where I had a decent night.
The Delivered Guy
I had added "We'll Be Forever Loving Jah,  by Bob Marley, to my repertoire on Thursday.
I was playing it Friday night when I guy walked up who was skinny and dressed mainly in dark colors with a black, rather stylish hat and holding a sign which read "Was Homeless But Delivered By God" walked up and sat by me.
I think this is a breakthrough because it is really the first "gospel" type of music which I have ever done, where the lyrics implicitly mention God in them.
The guy wanted to sing, and in fact was already alternately singing and praising God. Loudly.
He sang and I comped along, and though shakey at first; we were able to achieve some Alice In Chains type harmonies.
He stood in front of me and started to interact with tourists.
Within minutes he came over with a 5 dollar bill and put it in my case. "Here you go, the money's all yours; I just want to praise God," or words to that effect were uttered while it, and another 10 dollars or so went into my case, in the span of the next 20 minutes.
Flat Tire On Bike
The purple bike had a flat tire when I went to ride it.
Twice Bitten
I missed the ferry (by 3 hours) and slept at the spot where my cigarettes had been stolen from right by my head the last time I slept there; and my cigarettes were once again stolen from right by my head.
My lighter was still there, and of course my guitar and backpack were. And the bike with the flat tire.
It is a sleeping spot where I am totally concealed when laying down, but could stand up and hollar across the street and attract the attention of casino security people at the speed of sound, if necessary.
And, of course, there are cameras. Everywhere.
Cameras which can feed the image of your face into a database to make sure you aren't a card counter at Blackjack; or worse...
In a phrase, it is a "Sue the Colombian Lady" spot; meeting all her requirements; and I have to give a nod to her, because she really taught me a lot about finding the penultimate sleeping spots.
I just wish she was there when I went to them...

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