Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 Dollar Tuesday

I wasn't surprised when, immediately after spending myself down to 3 dollars; the money stopped flowing.

This city seems to have a conscious will to make that happen.
When all you are trying to do is make enough money to leave town is another time that you are likely to hit a drought; as if the city knows what you are up to...

Starting From Scratch
That being said, I will be starting out this evening, July 17th, a Wednesday; with one penny in my pocket.
I am going to hop the freight train as soon as I scratch up about 35 dollars, and after I have reduced the load in my pack down to one pair of boots (the ones Brian Hudson gave me) and a couple changes of clothes.
I will stay on it until I get to Mobile, Alabama, when I will take note of which track it is on; the one closest to the bay or the other one.
If it is on the right track, the one that goes through Montgomery, I will be golden, like the famous spike.
Nice To Feel Unwanted
If it is on the one that goes to Pensacola, Florida, a state where I have a warrant out for me in Duval County (Jacksonville) for God knows what, then I will have to get off there and try to hop on the other one (before spending the 35 dollars or so, or being arrested there for whatever the cops that don't like me can think of).
Maybe I can ask the cops here in NOLA if they can find out what it is for...
They (Florida) don't want to extradite me to there; I already know that, because the last time I was in Mobile (a mere 60 miles away) they said "We don't want him!"
Sometimes it's nice to feel unwanted...
Once in Montgomery, Alabama, I could take the Megabus from there to Atlanta for a lot less than from here, and it would give me a chance to busk in Montgomery. I've always wanted to try that place.
I will at least have a chance to use my phone camera to capture the change of scenery...
Howard will, I think, stay in NOLA, he really likes the sleeping spot across the river and the ferry schedule doesn't reek any havoc upon his "routine."
Why he would want to trek into the unknown with me when he seems so content (right) here is beyond me...


  1. So the plan is to hop trains around and visit all the places with warrants out for your arrest, until you hit the jackpot where the jackpot is more jail time.

    You have odd ideas of fun.

    You could beg up, as in panhandle, the money for a Greyhound out here to Cali within a week.

  2. I would be a hypocrite to panhandle after telling one "I work for my money..You want me to work harder so I can support you too, is that it?" after he asked me for money.

  3. Oh, fuck other panhandlers, who cares about their opinion? Just do it.


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