Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Blog Era Begins!

  • More "Pertinent" Photos To Come!
  • Blog Promised To Become More Interesting
Here is a girl whom I saw last night in Rouses Market
who looked so much like Tanya Huang, that I actually walked up to her and began to make
a remark such as "You're out late," before I got
to within 3 feet of her and realized that she was not Tanya,
rather; an imposter (Tanya wouldn't be buying those doughnuts that she is holding...)

I finally got ahead enough, money-wise, the past week to have purchased all the hardware needed to get the pictures off of my Android Phone and onto this blog...
That left me with 3 dollars and change yesterday (Monday) afternoon.
I could have left town on my planned trip with the money; but the thought of being able to enhance my account of the journey using pertinent photos was too irresistible...
I made back about 10 of the dollars last night, on
Bourbon Street; before quitting rather early.


  1. I'm not sure how you could confuse that girl with Tanya, unless you were *really* drunk.

    But then, I guess that's the normal situation past 10AM for you anyway, right?

  2. That expression on her face in the picture makes her look a lot less like Tanya; when her face was relaxed even the cashier said "Yeah,she does" when I said "Doesn't she look like Tanya who plays the violin?"

  3. You mean you came to Read More and thought that I just ended the post in the middle of nowhere and never thought about clicking on "Read more?"
    I do that so first time readers (and people that check in once a week) can be skimmers and scroll through a few months of "headlines" to see if something catches their attention...otherwise they might spend 10 minutes reading the (long) post of the day before and then figure they don't have time to read many more posts

  4. The way the gal's forehead slopes back, from behind her seeing her at an angle, I might be fooled, yes.

    Most people just skim the page and pass right over the "read more" bit.


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