Monday, July 29, 2013

Weighed Down With Lead

  • I Have To Fight A Rainbow Punk
  • Not Enough To Travel On
Saturday night, a Rainbow kid who was playing a guitar on Canal Street developed an attitude with me, and for some reason started telling me that I needed to leave there because "No one wants you around here," because I had a bad vibe.
I said "You're telling me that I can't walk on Canal Street in New Orleans, because of you?
He had started to advance towards me, and told me that he would kill me if I walked past him again.
A friend that he was with was trying to calm him down.
Yesterday afternoon, I was in the alley by Popeyes, sitting near a couple of girls who work there and who were on break, when the same kid came along.
He immediately came over and stood in front of me and yelled "What are you looking at?!" and then repeated that "nobody" wanted me around, because I had a bad vibe.
I started to think that the whole problem is that I never give he or any of the Rainbow Kids anything for free...I don't "share" with them.
I looked at him and asked "What did I do anyways?"
He then started to tell me to shutup and if I said another word, he would attack me, or something.
Then, he asked me if I understood...
So, if I answer him; I will be saying another word.
He became belligerent and actually hit me, but I hardly felt it.
After he knocked my hat off my head, I snapped on him and beat him pretty badly between two cars.... The weekend didn't produce enough money for me to think about hopping out of here just yet. Here are some more scenes from it, though...
Ron and Howards new camping spot (Howards tent in rear)
All the catfish you can eat, can be caught from their "front porch."
A Better picture of Jesse (note his "breakaway" tip jar, designed to seperate if someone tries to run off with it; leaving the thief with only the empty top half...the bottom is weighed down with lead...
Even the street preacher has an amplifier, shown here on Canal Street. "Repent, People!!"
A competent blues player with stereo amps and "that fender strat sound," who makes a living playing 5 hours per day in a variety of places
My second favorite living statue, on Canal Street last night...

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  1. Bummin' scummin' an' fightin' with rainbow kids.

    You *do* always scowl in every photo I've seen of you ... I dunno ... I bet it still has to do with your not "sharing" with the young crusties.

    W.H. Davies, who wrote "Diary Of A Super-Tramp" in about the year 1900, at least was honest with himself about doing "whatever" to get by. You ought to read it, it's free online.

    You should also read Jack London's stories of being a hobo. In them, he doesn't talk about about trying to become a great writer, at the time, he was a hobo.


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