Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Is Just As Bad...

Yesterday; I left Leslie's apartment after he opened the front gate and let me out of confinement.
He fell in beside me; but he was bent upon making it to The Saint Jude Catholic Church, for their lunch.
I was bent upon crossing the river to find Howard, and to use the library there to make yesterdays post.
I started getting text messages from Leslie while at the library.
He was concerned about me (and the money in my pocket?) missing the last ferry back to NOLA; and advised me to try to catch the next-to-last one, to be on the safe side (which, ironically was the side of the river which I was already on) and so that I would be across in time for the kickoff of the Monday Night Football game.
"Cool, lets watch the Patriots together!" he messaged me.
I then informed him of my progress, while I was on the next-to-last ferry.
The ferry landed and Leslie found me in short order and took his place alongside of me; matching me step for step as I walked towards Brothers Market for what would be my second 25 oz. beer of the day; and the one which I planned upon sipping on as I watched the game.
Leslie was flat broke.
He moved when I moved; never letting me get more than a few feet away from him.
As we neared the store, he started talking about all the job leads which he has and the interviews which he has lined up; as is his habit whenever we near a beer store.
The implication is that; soon he will be able to afford his own beer (and reciprocate for whatever I buy for him).
He became more animated as our destination became clear to him.
He answered most of my casual observations with: "Really?"
I thought about just walking past the store; to see his reaction.
I was pondering just what value his company meant to me.
In a sense, I felt like I was being played like a pinball machine...just hang around him; act interested in everything he says; don't let him out of your sight; and within an hour he will be at a beer store and will always buy one for you...that's how you play Daniel...
 So, I stopped outside the door, my ire raised a bit and asked: "So, I'm going to be buying beer for 2 all night; is that it?"
He bowed his head and said a meek "No," in a tone of voice which seemed to say: "I couldn't ask you do that (I'll just be sober and miserable all night and not much fun to be around, that's alright...)"
He accompanied me to the cooler where we discovered that Brothers Market was nearly sold out of beer; particularly the cheap beer; because The Unique Boutique is not selling alcohol until further notice, due to a problem with their license, the rumor is...
The only "strong" beer came in 25 oz. cans of Bud Ice at $2.49 plus tax each.
I grabbed us each a can.
"The right choice!" Leslie exclaimed and pumped his fist in the air.
"This is the strongest beer they have right now," we almost said in unison.
Well, we watched the game; the game ended; and it seemed to be incumbent upon me to get us yet another 40 oz. malt liquor before we went back to his place.
He laughed when I came out of the store with it; either ecstatic and unable to hold it back; or mocking me...the two are hard to distinguish between. I have to give Leslie the benefit of the doubt; at this point...


  1. Man you gotta get rid of that guy, he sounds like a real drag.

    What about Karrie? Why are you spending so much time around Mr. Drag when you could be spending it around Karrie?

    In other news, my cornet playing is back where it was and a bit beyond. Part due to having a better horn and part due to my more fully understanding "Claude Gordon" breathing.

  2. Man, I gotta get rid of that guy, I discover (hopefully not) too late..Karrie, if she is still in town is probably in some kind of program where they let them walk around on a short leash; maybe it is one of their guidelines: "I will have no contact with anyone who drinks; neither in person or by phone; failure to adhere to this policy, blah blah blah" and that would explain her comment about getting in trouble for giving me her number;
    But, have no doubts; an active search is on for her; I suppose if I am going to be in a toxic co-dependent relationship; the other party, I would prefer to be female...
    OH,and if you read this; I think your "domain" name of alexwoodshed has been usurped by someone, since the name would have become available after you "deleted" your blog..so now, in my reading list appears posts from the new alexwoodshed....boring ass stuff so far...
    thought that was interesting;
    well, I need to get back to posting...

  3. I didn't know I had a domain name, just a blog. Which yeah, I gave up, I don't even know how to go back to it so I guess I'll have to leave the task of reading the guy's boring stuff up to you. I think you left an S out though, it was alexswoodshed.blogspot.com you might have another guy.

    I'm working on my cornet playing and doing the claude gordon breathing exercises and in general trying to get into doing things the claude gordon way ... he's kind of the Mel Bay of trumpet playing.


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