Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moldova Checks In

United States
United Kingdom
When I was studying geography in elementary school, I'm pretty sure that there was no Moldova
I love it when people in countries which I would have been unable to find on a map of the world check out my blog.
Freeze Out: Day 3
I hung around Starbucks until around 9 p.m. yesterday, and when I stepped outside, the temperature was around freezing; but there was no wind, at least.
I had stayed in my sleeping bag until well after noon, when the desire for tobacco and the boredom of watching the river and reading a book outweighed the discomfort of the cold.
The French Quarter was dead.
Outside the Westin Hotel, which is in the same multilevel mall as the coffee shop, I found a trash can which had the remains of what looked like a huge ashtray dumped on top of the other trash.
I was able to get enough tobacco to eventually last the night.
I had foraged for firewood before coming out from under the dock and had a pile of it waiting for me there.
I decided to kill some time and wait for Rouses Market to put out their trash.
Walking along Bourbon Street, I found an almost full cup of Cabernet Sauvignon wine, chilled to the almost freezing temperature of the night. It would be my only drink in three cold days.
Rouses put their stuff out at around 10:30 p.m., and I was under the dock by 11 with a full rotisserie chicken in the carton, a pack of sushi, a twice baked potato, a pint of cooked white rice, a baggie with a couple pounds of turkey deli meat, another with swiss and cheddar cheese, a couple of tomatoes, a couple of long banana peppers and a pack of portabello mushrooms.
My olive and sesame oils had been knocked down off the girders onto the rocks by the rats, but miraculously didn't break open. The olive oil had a dent right on top of the cap.
Out of time..........


Alex said...

Damn, I'll tell you, at least you've worked out a way to eat and smoke and for a good part, drink, for phree.

The thing is, you eventually will want a permanent place to sleep, which means you ought to see about getting with social service and see if you and Karrie together can bring in enough in assistance and playing music etc., to swing it.

I swear to God, all you'd need is Karrie playing a tambourine and I'm sure your income would double. I've played with other people and the more-than-one-musician effect is amazing. One of the musicians can be really skilled and the rest clapping or shaking one of those egg things, it's still a powerful effect.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, and Karrie, though not a "professional tambourine player" like Sue, the Colombian lady, would probably cause more people to stop out of curiosity and ask us our life stories, for which they would eventually pay dearly LOL

Alex said...

She can certainly learn to beat out a basic rhythm, it doesn't take much. That's the beauty of the tambourine - it pretty much sounds good and it doesn't take much to go a long way. And it looks cool when a *chick* does it.

You might try getting her to play along with you, keep a tambourine or even a shaky egg with you, the idea is to befriend her (again) and convince her that life with you could be a lot better than being on her own.