Monday, February 3, 2014

"She threw you out, huh, guitar man?"

60 Dollar Sunday
Cops Run Me Off
I was down to 37 cents on Saturday.
Saturday was the day that the temperatures warmed up above 50 degrees, and I made my way to my playing spot early in the afternoon.
I immediately encountered Barnaby.
I was sober and was ready to ask him if he would lend me 2 dollars so that I could have my first beer in 3 days.
He asked me first, if I wanted to make 10 dollars watching his car as he unloaded stuff from it.
I watched his car as he unloaded stuff from it.
Then, I went and spent the 10 dollars on liquor and cigarettes.
I came back and played at the Lilly spot and made all kinds of money and ran and got a 5 dollar sack of weed, then returned and made all kinds of money and when I woke up on Sunday, I had 72 dollars in my pocket.
But, that was after being run out from under the dock where I had a fire going and was cooking up all kinds of food.
A bit too much smoke, I guess.
The cops came and made a show of making sure that I was grabbing up my blankets and sleeping bag and everything else that I might need to take with me "because you're not coming back here..."
I went and slept at the sign spot after an embarrassing walk through the Quarter, carrying my sleeping bag which was loaded with stuff and having to endure the stares of guys which all seemed to telegraph the message of: "She threw you out, huh, guitar man?"
"She threw you out, huh, guitar man?"


Alex said...

Ouch. The cops might watch that spot for a while too. Maybe you can go back to the cedar trees, or that bush you found out by the train tracks? Better stay somewhere else for a few days ...

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! That was a good one!