Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back Under

I Go Back Under
It is Monday afternoon, and I have my guitar case open besides me; because it took on some moisture in the early hours of this morning in which the weather was forecast to be "foggy and warmer."
It did warm up some, as a mist drifted in and I left the sign spot around 10 a.m., and walked to the Rebuild Center, where I took a long hot shower and changed into the last of my clean clothes.
I had 42 bucks on me; down 30 from a couple days ago.
I had some excellent times and jammed with a couple of people over the weekend. Once, with a young guy on Lilly's step for a couple hours Sunday night, while his girlfriend listened.
They were a little bit like skeezers in appearance, but turned out to be very polite and respectful. The guy had only been playing the guitar for a year, he said.
We weren't thrown any tip money; though the Quarter was pretty dead, with the Superbowl (the Superdisappointment) having been a blowout and the tourists having blown out of Lafitts Tavern half way through it.
It is laundry day; and I am procrastinating on it; again.
I have to gather clothes from two different spots.

The very next night after having been run out from under the dock by cops; I started to think about that scenario.
There is no way that I can see those cops returning to the dock to see if I have stopped going under it.
Without the presence of smoke, they never would have shown up in the first place.
So, I bought some more instant light briquets and cooked me a fine fish dinner the very next night.


Alex said...

Smoke has a strong smell, I think the briquets might be the best way to go since cooking with methanol is expensive, and Primus/Coleman type stoves that you pump up are kinda expensive plus they make a constant hissing sound. Not good. So I think the briquets are probably what I'd use.

Heck there are times I think about taking a vacation out there sometime. I'd want to be damn good on the cornet first though.

Daniel McKenna said...

A constant hissing sound might keep the rats at bay; pythons hiss
You would have about the same prospects as I, money-wise; if you learned bits of familiar melodies and stood on Canal Street by the Aquarium where your coronet would reach at least 200 feet in every direction; families taking their kids to pet dolphins would consider tipping you as part of the whole petting experience...
I know, because Daniel the trumpet player just plays melodies right off the sheet music and is in the $100 to $200 per day societal class of street musicians...

Alex said...

Really? That's pretty cool. I really am serious about getting good, am working through Herbert L. Clarke's little-known 1st book (he's best known for his 2nd and 3rd books, not his 1st and the hardest, his 4th) and plan to get an Arban's Method soon which is a big $40 book and will have the tunes and etudes in it on YouTube by 13-year old trumpet prodigies from whom I can learn "how it's really done" lol.

It would take some money saved up, since I'd want to have my ass covered even if things went badly, and also I'm boycotting the airlines so it'd be Megabus, Greyhound, or I might just take Amtrak which would be a bit more expensive but a lot more fun - grey-haired railfans and nice scenery for the win.

Alex said...

Oh, on the hissing, you'd only run a coleman a half hour or so at most, the rats would get used to it, and people would hear it. I think the briquets would be my go-to.