Monday, January 13, 2014

Stormy Monday

A Milestone
Well, one year ago, I was in the Orleans Parish Prison, with 2 days to go on a 15 day sentence for obstruction of a public passageway.
This brings me to the milestone of "one year without going to jail," which is one small step for a man...
The following days were the coldest of that year, which makes me feel like we are at a point where the weather could "turn the corner" and head towards spring.

It started raining early this morning, after a single vicious thunderclap which seemed like the opening gun to set the storm off.
It was perhaps the loudest clap of thunder, and it reverberated, that I have ever heard.
It poured very hard, and I considered leaving my guitar under the dock and walking around without it.
I am at the library now, having found that it had stopped raining after I came out at about 1 p.m.
I guess I wanted cigarettes and some booze; and to blog...always to blog...
Don't Want To Smoke Too Much...
Last night, I reluctantly bought some "instant light" charcoal briquets to take to the dock with me...for almost 8 bucks; ouch!
I was retiring early, having played for maybe 20 bucks; but then having spent money on the briquets.
I got to the dock around 10  p.m. just as the Natchez was coming in and lit a fire with the amazing briquets and they instantly burst into a clean, almost smokeless flame, and eventually became glowing and hot.
I was able to boil water (though it seemed to take forever) and cook spaghetti, to which I later added veal (for scallipini) sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with some stuff which I had lying around like a tabbuli type thing, of which I had found several fresh containers of and which had sat on the cold metal all this time.
The capacity to build a fire has been an immense aid in my being able to prepare much more healthy fare; I would recommend fire to mankind, in fact.
"I would recommend fire to mankind"
Then, I woke up with heavy rain coming down; and now I am about to go into the Quarter to hopefully take advantage of this evenings warm (low 60's) temperature and hopefully make some money to defray the cost of smokeless fuels.

I still need a tiposaurus and some new laminated signs and eventually a new guitar and.....

I now go to Starbucks to read and write and will not dally too long before going to the Lilly spot to take advantage of this 60 degree weather on a day which was, only a year ago, the coldest day of the year...


Alex said...

Those briquets sound cool. Bet they're Kingsford or something, I remember that being the favorite brand when I was a kid and that's about how they worked, much better than wood. They probably are a better value than propane, butane, or Coleman fuel and then in each of those cases you'd have to get the corresponding camping stove and maintain it.

Daniel McKenna said...

They really do get hot as hell if you give them 45 minutes or so; and they don't give the impression that the (wooden) steamboat Natchez (
God forbid) is on fire

Alex said...

Yeah gotta keep smells down. Homeless folks around where I am use these small butane or propane stoves that the Asians markets sell. They may use fired but I doubt it because authorities and others get very worried about people with fires - too much risk of burning some large area, as happens often along Coyote Creek, a favorite place for tons and tons of homeless people to camp.