Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do You Know Any Bear?

I am your Edward Bear connection.
If you want to check it out and jam along, just come by my spot in the 900 block of Bourbon Street, between the hours of say, 9:30 p.m. and 1 a.m.; and say: "Hey, man, do you know any Bear?!?"
Money Dwindles
It is Tuesday afternoon.
I lit a fire last night and had gourmet food, in the form of sauteed mushrooms with pasta and veal and buns on the side (most of which the rats ate).
I woke up with a mere shadow of the wad of money which I had woken up with the previous day.
Reckless spending, starting with a pint of vodka and proceeding to a 10 dollar sack of what I was assured was "the kush" and then continuing on to the point of even a couple "McDouble" burgers, when I had the munchies; a pack of cigarettes, etc.
Well, how about some Braxton?!?

This ultimately landed me upon Lilly's stoop amongst sparse traffic, but in plain sight of Barnaby and his lady friend sitting upon their own stoop; both of whom I thought that I was unable to sufficiently entertain; after being unable to remember all the chords to the Tom Waits song that I know and even the Toni Braxton song that I know, and it became a reminder that there is a lot of work to be done by a street musician, during his off hours, in order to assure that he will be able to complete songs...
I Just Like This One...


  1. Wreakless lol I think you meant reckless.

    You ever got one of those "fake books" or these days "real books" to play/sing out of?

  2. Those fake books are like 30 bucks and they weigh a ton and they are full of songs like "Hale, hale, the gang's all here" in between songs that you really want to play...come to think of it "the gang's all here," might be a nice sarcastic ome to do on Canal Street; surrounded by the gang of skeezers...
    Yeah, a fake book brings up the issue of; do you want to be the guy who can do any song under the sun half-ass or the guy who has actually sat down and worked out arrangements and made a song his own....those piano-bar people are amazing fake book poster childern..got to love the portly bleached blonde lady in Lafitts after someone requests The Beasty Boys, and she obliges out of her fake book...
    at least she fights for her right to party!!

  3. Haha that's pretty funny, some pudgy middle-aged piano lady playing Beastie Boys. I guess you have a point, and those books are all huge.


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