Wednesday, January 15, 2014

  • The Money Dwindles
  • Karrie Encounter

There is not much to report here, except that I retired pretty early last night, after having played Canal Street, instead of the Lilly spot, on a whim.
The whim produced 2 dollar bills, and an almost full pack of American Spirit ($7 per pack) menthol cigarettes.
I didn't deem this a totally disappointing experience.
I had only played for about an hour; it is much more noisy there; people tend to be more jaded there; and I felt a sense of liberation in the fact that I could wail away on songs which I had pretty much worn threadbare at the Lilly spot; as if for a totally new audience; and that I had them sounding good enough to make one of the pedestrians; who would probably not stop for someone having a heart attack; not wanting to get involved; to throw me a couple bucks.
Whomever threw the 2 dollars and the cigarettes, I ddn't get a good look at, because I play without my glasses on most of the time; but it could have been the girl who works at The Herbal Shop where I only go when I feel like I have so much money that I can splurge upon American Spirit cigarettes, which is about once every 2 months.
Then, I could have gone to the Lilly spot, but Rouses had put their food out at the very early hour of about 9 p.m., and all I could think about was boiling pasta and sauteeing portobello mushrooms with beets heated up on the side, along with buns; and then cracking a couple eggs into the boiling water and then throwing some pepperjack cheese on top of the whole experiment, all of which I did.
The eggs and cheese caused a mild flare up in the eczema which I had just about kicked, but everything comes with a price.
In the morning, the calliope played "Windy" by The Association as its first song; and so I wasn't surprised to be buffeted by a stiff breeze after I came out at around 1 p.m.

Everyone knows it's windy, unless...

I saw Karrie earlier and invited her to Starbucks after this library closes in a half hour.
She declined, but thanked me for inviting her there.
She said that she has been cold lately.
I would bet that she could put a womans touch on my place under the dock; maybe move some rocks around...

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Alex said...

Oh God "Windy" that's a song that theoretically could be pretty cool like Autumn Leaves, but is really just kind of blah.