Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Money's Gone With The Wind...

Tomorrow Night
Overcast 33 °F
 The weather is in the news in the sense that I didn't play last night after sitting at the Lilly spot for almost an hour and contemplated doing so; but then noticing that there were very few people braving the 38 degree air, not even to hear a skinny white guy play a Toni Braxton song.
33 degrees is really no match for the dock spot as, my cooking fire actually imbues the surrounding rocks (which I think are the rock called "shale") with heat which radiates enough so that I can lay there with my blankets only half covering me and listen to my AM/FM radio for a while and then only totally cover up after the rocks cool a bit.
  The propensity of that particular (igneous?) rock to cleave into flat surfaces is what makes it possible to construct a flat surface out of them; it just brings into play jigsaw puzzle building skills...
That being said; today is about preserving as much as the 34 dollars which I woke up with that I can as I wait for the temperatures to rise towards the weekend; and then wait further for Mardi Gras to come along...

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Alex said...

You've got a pretty decent thing in that spot by the Natchez, I'm surprised Karrie hasn't at least visited.