Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Simple Life

  • Staying Warm
  • The Lilly Offer

The Goal of Life has been simple lately:
Stay warm.
The Starbucks gift card which the Lidgleys sent in a Christmas parcel has been instrumental in allowing me to hang out there until they close at 9 p.m. sipping 50 cent refills and loading some with enough cream and sugar to make meals out of them.
This allows me to read and write and stay warm; all of which are catalyzed by caffeine; and to leave there with only a short wait until the various out of date food is put out.
Busking is not an advisable option after the temperature goes below 40 degrees.  
Last night, I found some excellent uncooked steak along with a variety of garden salads (with turkey or some other meat and sometimes hard-boiled eggs added) at about 9:30 p.m.
Sometimes I wonder if some of my friends who work in there wait upon the sight of me at one point in the night before pushing the trash cans outside.
They have come out within 10 minutes of my appearance, the past couple cold nights.
I headed for the dock, as it was about 35 degrees outside.
There was nobody in sight as I sneaked underneath it.
Out Of Rats Reach
The Natchez has not been docked for the past couple of days; perhaps it is under repair at some yard...
I made slits in the bottom of a tin-foil basting pan with my knife, and soon had the steaks (and some ham shanks which were mostly fat) sizzling over a driftwood fire; dripping their juices into it.
I'm trying to cut back on sushi because of its tendency to contain soy; but hadn't been able to resist grabbing one container, which I shelved up onto the cold steel girders, out of rats reach.
Keeping My Phone Charged
Lilly had tried to call me about a week ago on one of the nights which was forecast to go below freezing.
She was going to invite me to stay somewhere at her place; and I only had to bring my own food.
I don't have any pictures of Lilly and her two daughters, Chantilly and Angelique, but I have looked at a lot of stock photos online and have come up with some approximations which I will post here, and which I might use as icons until such a time that they overcome their shyness about being photographed.



The Danger Of Forgetting
My mission now; on this Wednesday night which is forecast to go below freezing is to go shortly to Starbucks, where I will charge the "Lilly" phone and try to read and write; working on song lyrics and organization of things; such as the compilation of my "master list" of songs in hopes of printing out the 5? page document sooon, so that I can routinely pore through it and reacquaint  myself with songs that I am in danger of forgetting otherwise.
Then, I will don an extra shirt and sweater and sweatshirt and go out into the night and probably pretty much repeat last night; except I might try to make a pretense at busking by sitting on my spot with the guitar out and hoping someone will come by and say: "It's too cold to be out here; get yourself a room!" and hand me a large bill...

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Alex said...

That *is* pretty cold to be out busking; generally my dividing point is 50 degrees, any colder than that, or a bit warmer but with a wind, and people are just not out and in a giving mood.