Sunday, February 16, 2014

Community Rallies Around Me

...Up walked Balil, the curator of the "Galerie de art Francais(sp?)" gallery
He is the one who had told me a while ago that I wasn't going to have any problems in NOLA because I was "connected" to some powerful friends.
I had run into him outside his gallery smoking a cigarette and I told him about my guitar being stolen and how it had happened and closed with "I'm looking for someone who can let me make payments on, like, a $100 guitar." in response to his asking me "How's it going?"
He said: "See me tomorrow, because I've got something for you."
He walked off.
Dorise said: "There you go, Daniel.."

"Do you think he has a guitar for me?" I mused aloud; almost thinking that it would be too good to be true.
Dorise nodded her head in a way which implied that Bilal is money in the bank.

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