Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fix

  • Good Weather Here Again
  • Money Halved
  • My Own Guitar Repair Solution
I woke up this Thursday morning and could feel that the temperatures had risen into the 50's by sunup.
Before that, I had spent a rather fitful night, trying to sleep and noticing that the rats, when not fed very much food by me at all, become pains in the neck.
They rattle the empty tin foil tins incessantly. I believe that they may have terrible memories and will re-check the same tins for food over and over and over. They also nudge me or climb up upon my back, seemingly wanting me to feed them. I have no idea how the generations of homeless people who have slept under there, going back into the 70's have conditioned those generations of rats, going back into the 70's to act, but they seem almost domesticated, at times.
They are not, as I have reported, those New York sewer rat species, nor that wharf rat genus, nor river rat Philis. They seem to be like the South American swimming type rats that were plentiful in a certain pond behind a certain Winn Dixie in Jacksonville, Florida.
Supposedly  those had hopped off the trains which had come from Miami and which stop there, which they had boarded there after having jumped off of ships which had come from South America.
It wouldn't be hard to imagine how similar animals could have wound up here in the port city of New Orleans; especially if word spread throughout South American rat-dom that they can eat pretty well here for free...
Wax Sentry
I came upon a box full of candles in glasses sitting by a trash bin, the other day. All of the glasses were cracked to some degree, but there was a lot of wax to be had.
I grabbed one and have been sleeping with it lit like a night-light the past couple of nights. I am able to place it between food items and the way which the rats mount the particular girder, and it acts as a barrier which they haven't yet crossed. Last night all my leftovers were undisturbed behind the candle.

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Alex said...

Frankly the solution is D-con rat bait pellets ground up and mixed with P-nut butter, and left out... gets rid of a rat infestation quick.

Kinda mean though ...