Saturday, April 19, 2014

37 Minutes Worth Of Blog...

17 Dollar Tuesday Night Marred By Lost Five Spot
Tuesday night, on the 9th day without drinking, I managed to make 17 dollars and change.
This outcome was, I felt, helped by the fact that I made no runs (of 20 minutes) to Sydneys Beer, Wine, Liquor and Cigar store, and only took 2 bathroom breaks.
There was one stretch of about 45 minutes through which I might have made only a dollar.
I told "Hey, you got like a hundred bucks saved; make it a hundred and one, and let's get the hell out of here and...." At this point, what the brain supplies, out of habit, is "...and go get some good beer or liquor; and get so buzzed that you will wait around for Rouses Market to push their trash out; maybe even making a run to The Unique Boutique to kill time and probably getting something to chase the whiskey, like an expensive delicious beer; since you're there..."
to shut up.
I then remembered that, these past 12 days of alcohol abstinence, I have taken breaks from playing right there at the Lilly spot; and there have been times I have gotten to the point where, while not being exactly "sick of playing," I did have the inclination to put the guitar down (for a while) as I would have if sitting in a remote meadow somewhere in the grass, and strumming away for the edification of nothing but wildlife.
I have been putting the instrument down, but leaning it against the wall beside me, facing the passing tourist in all its blue glory, like something in a toy store window; as I just sit there and "catch my breath"* (if the last harmonica song was almost all "draw" notes, as opposed to "blow" notes; this phrase could be taken more literal) my radar is on for the-guy-who-will-give-you-at-least-10-bucks-if-he-can-play-a-song-on-your-guitar-to-impress-the-young-lady-whom-he-is-escorting
*i.e. smoke an American Spirit
Bathroom breaks have become 8 minute ordeals, as I have to pack up the sharks and the money and the harp and all the glory; grab my spotlight out of the vine above me, zip up the guitar in the case and then squeeze my way through the Laffits Blacksmith Shop Tavern crowd thus equipped, before returning to set the whole thing back up again. But, they are only 8 minute ordeals, as I have not been attaching a run to Sydneys to them (since I already had my rig packed up; why make a separate trip).
Sometimes, after these trips to the beer store, and the ensuing consumption of the beer in front of the store, using that as an excuse to discreetly stare at the "traveling kids" and their dogs and girlfriends and dog dishes and cans and bottles of some pretty expensive stuff, all strewn around them; and their one ukelele which one of them might actually know how to play. Sometimes I would call it quits for the night, right then and there....
Coming soon: 11 Dollar Wednesday
12 Dollar Thursday
14 Dollar Friday...


alex carter said...

The thing is, the traveling kids have trust funds and parents worrying over them, just itching to send them a large Western Union and remind them that Princeton/Vassar say all's forgiven and they're welcome back. Entitled little shits.

Gore Friedrichs said...

Good day indeed twas 17 /19 today and all between! Viva Joni'a angel (oh, OK Joni for Jimmy will do as well.. .d'accord SV. P.