Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday Rained Out

  • 8th Alcohol-less Day Commences
  • Minus 30 Dollar Monday
  • Hair Raising Concerns
Can I borrow your comb??
Not having drank in 8 days has probably been the biggest blessing of the 6 day juice fast and cleanse, which is still ending in stages.
Friday night, I mixed in honey and apple cider vinegar and molasses and cayenne pepper, then had oatmeal Sunday morning.
Monday, I bought roasted peanuts and raisins, during my stint in the quarter, braving rains which were heavy at times.
The peanuts seemed to cause a bit of eczema to flare up, accompanied by a slight tension headache around the temples and in the back of the neck.
It would be a revelation to discover that peanuts are an allergen for me. Symptoms usually don't appear until 8 to 12 hours after I eat an offending food, and this might be how peanuts could have slipped under the radar.
Plus, I have usually consumed peanuts along with beer, and the alcohol would have subdued the reaction, like an antihistimine.
This (Monday) morning, I put the peanuts up on the rat remote shelf, where they will sit for now, as I continue with the limited diet that I am on.
After feeling great for a while, I may give them another try, to see if they make my skin itch and leave red blotches where I scratch too hard...
My Hair
Is hopelessly dread locked. I have been told by a professional hair stylist that it must be cut off and I must "start again." (bald -the way I came into the world).
I am procrastinating. It wouldn't make sense to pay a professional 20 dollars just to hack it off, like I could do with a sharp pair of 3 dollar scissors.
We ARE hiring for the position of Customer Service Rep., yes, sir!!


alex carter said...

I just got a haircut today and as always it was $9 and as usual the lady Vietnamese barber was delighted when I rounded it up to $10. Vietnamese barbers are the shit.

Daniel McKenna said...

I had a lady Brazilian dentist who did a root canal and I never felt any pain..
I don't want a haircut yet, but might pay 9 dollars to have an Asian lady play with my hair for a half hour, right off Canal Street aamof (as a matter of fact)

alex carter said...

Viet lady barbers are pretty damn cool. I wonder though if you took one of those metal combs they use for cats and just worry at it, if you might get it un-dreaded. Then pony up $100+ for proper cornrows.