Saturday, April 26, 2014

41 Dollar Friday

I have only 37 minutes here, as, I have done it again (staying up from 1:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. reading; ancient Greek history, the daily newspaper and Steven King' "Rose Madder").
I thought about starting today (Saturday) without sleeping first, thinking about doing my laundry at the VA and then getting a full 4 hours of blogging in here, but decided to just try to sleep about 6 hours, with a strong coffee ready by my side.
You're staying up too late in
the mornings; do you read me?!?
Last night, I ate a huge salad with oil and vinegar and spices, along with instant potatoes and then sipped instant coffee in coconut milk as I read all night by the light of 4 candles.
The numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers, along with the stiffness in my neck, which had subsided during my 7 day fast, has started to creep back into my life and commenced at about the same time that I resumed consuming energy drinks, like Rip-It energy, which have a lot of high fructose corn syrup; but also artificial colors and flavors, in order to make their 1 dollar drinks taste like the real deal, I suppose.
I still am addicted to the things; they are a great mood elevator in the mornings, making me want to seize the day; and are the only "substance" which I (ab)use while busking for the 3 or 4 hours which I now do; besides weed...
I am thinking of another fast pretty soon (the only thing that I have found thus effective)
One Monster For Another...
to try to conquer the tobacco and caffeine monster; as I seem to be substituting one monster for another. Soon, I will be busking on bananas alone, like Dorise Blackmon does... 
I had 70 bucks in my pocket, 58 stashed, and the 3% jar was pushing 40 bucks...I thought a lot about getting a used laptop somewhere, for the sake of this blog, as well for downloading music, watching DVDs (if I ever have time -I want to watch all of the movies set in NOLA, of which there is soon to be a new installment of "Terminator," with Arnold Swartzenegger being in town now filming).
Socks, candles, guitar strings, harmonicas, guitar repair, haircut, clothes, patchouli oil, new eyeglass frames, batteries for the spotlight...all conspire against me spending every cent on a laptop right now, though...
Food Card Scare
I noticed, at about midnight, that my little card holding wallet was not in its usual back right pocket. I kind of panicked; and the look on my face drew the attention of the rookie cop who was working Rouses Market, as I stood at the register patting my pocket and turning pale -my mind doing a quick inventory of just what I might have lost; any and all ID that I have, phone numbers, business cards of record producers, and my food card, which had about 7 dollars left on it to last me the next 8 days...The cop might have thought that I was trying to sneak something out of the store under my sweatshirt and was turning pale and having cold feet at the crucial moment...
Today, I was out from under the dock at about 3 p.m., after rolling up the sleeping bag and stashing it up in the girders (the rats like to shit on it, as a way of claiming me and the food I bring as their "territory," I think) and folding up the under-quilt (same reason), bagging up the trash, throwing the garbage in the river, placing all the food condiments out of sight; and then, emerging like someone who likes to sit under the dock and strum his guitar while having a little picnic.
I know that there are skeezers who go through the trash cans who are probably envious of my lifestyle, especially when they see discarded containers with "rib eye steak; $14.55" and such on them; and then see the charred bottom tin foil basting pans and all the accoutrement to go with a great barbequed dinner...
I found my card at CVs

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