Friday, April 25, 2014

$58.28 Thursday

Thursday, morning, I stayed up and read until I could do it by sunlight.

I then slept off and on, before emerging a bit after 4 p.m., after the Natchez had come in; the calliope was playing, and I was able to blend into the swarm of people de-boating.
I still come out from under the dock, holding a prop of some kind; i.e. a liquor bottle which washed up on the rocks...he must have gone under there to sit and drink for a while; or a plastic bag, into which I place little pieces of driftwood as I walk the rocks along the bank...I guess he went under the dock to look for driftwood, etc....
I had about 20 dollars on me, the 11 something which I had made the previous night, along with the 9 dollars which I had left over from the previous days. About 58 bucks are stashed at my spot, as well as about 35 dollars in the 3% jar-which-can-never-be-taken-from.
I hit Uniques for a pack of American Spirits and an energy drink: $6.78, then went to Walgreens to buy candles: $2.71, and then bought a 5 dollar sack of weed and an 83 cent blunt wrap and another energy drink on my way to the Lilly spot just before sundown.
I had 3 dollars and change left on me to start the sharks out with...20 bucks just don't buy what it used to...
This had grown to about 12 bucks, after I had come into tune and found a bit of a rhythm.
My mp3 player was sitting in front of me and recording; which kept me on my toes musically; being able to play for the device, even when no humans seemed to be within earshot. This paid off again, as I sensed the "look at that guy playing his ass off for no one," sentiment in a few people.
Every time I looked down, there were things like a 5 dollar bill which had fluttered down and landed out of my sight underneath my leg; and, at one point a 20 dollar bill which I never saw the origin of.
The security of that bill, which replenished all that I would spend the entire day; allowed me to relax and amass about 58 bucks the whole night; not bad for a Thursday...
I didn't find much food outside Rouses, though an almost full bag of pitted dates, which had a tear in it big enough to have allowed a couple of them to fall out was a nice find.
I went under the dock and ate a huge lettuce, kale, broccoli and purple cabbage salad, doused in olive oil and vinegar with some spicy mustard and pitted dates stirred in (yum) then sipped an energy drink along the way to reading 100 pages of "Rose Madder," by Steven King, stopping at one point to make instant potatoes which I consumed with the last of the huge salad. This lasted until the sun came up at 7 o' clock.
I had a notion to start this (Friday) day without sleeping, taking my laundry to the VA center and spending a lot of time here blogging; but allowed myself to drift off after sunup; finally sitting up at 2 p.m., straightening up the place, bagging the trash, throwing the garbage in the river and emerging.
I now have no time to blog; and am thinking about finding a laptop...

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