Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where Did That Day Go?

  • 11 Dollars And Change Wednesday
Yesterday, I had thought that it was Tuesday all day, until I saw the newspaper at Uniques, after knocking off at about 11:45, after making 11 Dollars and change.
I was thinking about picking up a copy of the paper, but decided not to, figuring that I could pull the sports news off of my radio, as well as the weather and whatever couple of "big" new items that they decided to cull out of the thousands of news stories happening out there.
I had made 11 dollars and change on a pretty slow night (I didn't have to push my way through a crowd at Laffits Tavern when I used the restroom; and the portly middle-aged lady was on the piano and not the regular guy).
It's Supposed To Sound Raw
I had made a few recordings on the mp3 player, placing it in different spots in relationship to my voice/guitar/harmonica; finding that putting it atop an Arizona Energy can, standing on the sidewalk just off my left knee yielded good results.
The fact that it was at an extreme angle to the guitar took out its booming bass and heightened the "twang" of it; while having it face my voice directly captured the booming bass of which my voice can use all that it can get.
Listening back at night through my expensive ear buds; I concluded that I actually could use the tracks to load into a program like Audacity and doctor up and overdub other parts and come out with a CD which people could excuse the quality of as "its a street musician, it's supposed to sound 'raw.'"
Day 18 Without Drinking
I have kind of substituted mass quantities of coffee, sitting up and reading; along with American Spirit (all natural, no additives; organic) cigarettes for alcohol; along with becoming a pot-head.
I am still playing music at my highest level ever; but occasionally will forget a chord here and there, as I draw from the creative side of my brain and subdue the part that has chords memorized.
Last (Wednesday) night, a lady came by; after I had made a 5 dollar bill and a few ones; and placed a cold, just opened Abita Strawberry beer next to me; and said "enjoy."
I gave it to a female skeezer after knocking off shortly thereafter.
Then a man handed me a (at least 4 pounds) Styrofoam containing a huge sirloin burger topped with bacon and cheddar cheese, along with a baked potato with another white cheese melted in its schism, still hot and "right out of Big Mamas Kitchen," as I was digging through Rouses trash, looking for fruits and vegetables. I wound up feeding it to the rats; having not seen any skeezers on the way to the dock; and not even wanting to have contact with them in Jackson Square, not even to hand them free food; they might take that as a sign of weakness and start in with " you have a cigarette, too...I really need a couple bucks; I'm sure you made some money with that guitar....where are you off to now (with an almost full pack of smoke, and who knows what else in your bag), can I come with you?
I wound up feeding it to the rats.
It was in my bag underneath fruits and vegetables and fresh fish, which I never cooked because the driftwood was so wet...

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