Tuesday, April 29, 2014

9 Dollars And Change Monday

Originals Are My Future
Back To Earth
Jazzfest Time; I see $12-$18/hr. here...
Last night, it was "back to earth," after a few lucrative days which I now must concede were so, due to the presence of people here for the Jazzfest; and, in my case, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't Phish fans, who were tipping me for what had just become space jams along with avante-garde harmonica solos and improvised lyrics; after I had made enough money to feel like I had earned the freedom to fire one up behind the school on Saint Phillips Street where Lee Harvey Oswald, Richard Simmons and Lenny Kravitz all went, and where Elvis Presley fought a kid in the parking lot in like, 7th grade -the mule cart tour guides know these things...and then to return to the Lilly spot (...this is when I always ran to Sydneys for another beer...) and to enjoy the 75 degree, only humid enough so that the fingers can get a better grip on the strings, temperatures; with a breeze, but one not quite strong enough to blow a dollar away if it is folded a certain way (In "Busking For Dummies," I'll include a sidebar with a photo) and to work on originals.  
Originals are the future...
I am listening to myself recorded on mp3 at my spot, on the night that I made about 60 bucks as a matter of fact; on the media player; as background music...doing "Computer Geek Blues" another work in progress -the labor being remembering all the lyrics, and then memorizing them...
Moving Like A Tortoise Towards Solving Hair Problem 
7 Years Ago
I am about to buy some sharp scissors and cut my own hair, to remove the huge, dred-locked knots.
It's Been 8 Years...
This will leave me with short hair, like I started out with in August of 2006, which was the last time that I had scissors laid to my hair. In Jacksonville, Fl. 
Teresa was the name of the stylist; she lived in Saint Augustine, and through talking to me about that tourist town and its opportunities for buskers, she became instrumental in my decision to move to that place and live there for about 2 years before the cops (with their bias against homeless street performers; along with the increasingly restrictive, upon such, laws which were being passed there) compelled me to leave there.
That is where I met Karrie, and where I wrote "Crazy About A Crazy Girl," about a different girl, named Brittany.
My favorite thing that Brittany did, was, when she left me a note at the spot where I usually played, in front of a stairwell at the Episcopal church (now prohibited by law*) she wrote on the outside envelope: "Please leave here. (The note, not whoever you are) ."
*Busking, not the Episcopal church.
Stream of Consciousness...
 Flashback: From The Lost Blog (preceding this one)...
Top 10 Differences Between Daniel And Larry:
 -Tourists come to Saint Augustine to hear music played by by the old fort (right).

Tourists come to Saint Augustine to hear music played by the old fart (below).

...I rearranged the rocks of my bed this morning, thinking that I could lower the head of it, I did, but now it is a lot bumpier...I bit off more than I could chew...will have to start practicing masonry again to get it flat...how long do I think I am going to live under there when, every night I am visible for about 5 seconds going under...the night shift workers are almost never watching; they work somewhere out of sight on the boat, prepping food or something...laundry; I have to do laundry as soon as I leave here; will get a dollar something bottle of dish washing liquid with grease cutter -just as good as laundry soap and your clothes smell like clean plates...am drinking a lot of energy drinks....day 21 without alcohol consumption....am placating my "addictive personality" with a lot of caffeine, guarana and B vitamins saw Leslie Thompson on the way here by Mickey Skeeze (McDonalds). Our conversation kind of got mired

after I told him that I hadn't drank in 21 days...almost time for a new harmonica...want to get a laptop of some kind...can probably hook up a power inverter or some other way to extend the battery life while under the dock...this blog will get better almost immediately...


alex carter said...

I've done a bit of busking of my own, over the last two weeks, the result is an average of a bit over $10 per session. Not bad considering I'm no Herb Alpert.

alex carter said...

BTW your "How To Busk For Profit" link is still dead, as it's been for at least a year now.

Your recordings aside, I know you know a fuckton more about music than I do, have a fuckton more experience on your guitar, and you *sing* which is supposed to really up the pay, but apparently the inherent awesomeness of the cornet works in my favor. Can't wait until I'm at least a fairly decent player. Maybe I'd better start learning corny shit like Eentsy Weentsy Spider like your trumpet-playing friend plays there.

alex carter said...

OK I have a crappy blog back up, it's called www.buskinginsiliconvalley.blogspot.com and it's pretty much just online to keep me honest as far as getting regular practice done.