Saturday, May 3, 2014

6 Minutes To Post

I just got back from Wal-Mart, where I looked at laptop computers. There were none that were even in the price range of the Toshiba in Radio Shack, which is on sale for $148 (60% off the regular price of $329...).
The odd thing was, that when I saw that laptop, I had 148 dollars, just about exactly, on me. (excluding the 3% jar-that-will-never-ever-be-tapped-into, which is up a little over 40 bucks).

  • 52 Dollar Wednesday
  • 27 Dollar Thursday
  • 34 Dollar Friday
I haven't drank alcohol in 24 days, now. Wednesday night, I looked at the red wines in Rouses Market, though.
What stopped me from buying any was the fact that, after not drinking for 3 weeks, I would only want to break that fast with a fine bottle, one which would be at least 20 bucks.
I thought about not getting a laptop, due to spending money on wine, and blew off the idea.
I also thought about that one bottle starting a nightly trend, which would cut into my energy levels, reduce my playing times along with my skill level, and....well, it's been 24 days.
If I buy the laptop, this blog should take off.......

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alex carter said...

I've had really good luck buying "demo" items from Radio Shack, like the computer that's been out on display for a year etc. They tend to have double the warranty, etc. And the item's been "burned in".