Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Dollars And 50 Cents

Wednesday night, I made the above amount in about an hour and then went and found copious amounts of food, namely fresh fish (sheephead) etc.
Here's what I made in Art today...It' me, playing at my spot while a skeezer unashamedly rifts through the trash, hoping that a drink with only one sip off it (ooh, this is too strong, yeck!) landed upright, while a tourist is weighing the self satisfaction he would get from either throwing me a 5 spot (I LOVE Tom Waites) versus throwing him one (Don't be digging through there, buddy, people spit in there; here's 5 bucks, go get yourself a half pint, OK?, 5 bucks is all I can spare, I don't smoke, sorry...and, I'm running late otherwise I would let you use my phone; take care, buddy....what?...oh, that' terrible; your grandmother just had a heart attack and all you need is 36 dollars to take the bus to Jackson, Mississippi to tell her you love her one last time before she dies (because she is fading fast), gee, I'd love to help you out but, how do I know that you're not just going to run to the dope man for a 35 dollar crack rock? Oh, you've got crack money already; I see...
Now, it is Thursday night, already 9 o' clock, and I have accomplished going to the food stamp place and they are going to call me for a phone interview. They had tried already; but my phone wasn't charged. An online application isn't good enough; they need a phone interview (to establish that you are not a robot).

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alex carter said...

That artwork is .... amazing. "The World As Viewed Through Beer And Drugs" lol.