Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Spill My Coffee

20 Dollar Tuesday
Yes, I drew this...
I discovered that I had made the above amount last night, after counting money under the dock. That amount replaced almost exactly what I had spent the whole day; with a dollar to spare...yowsa, financial limbo! 
I didn't wake up this morning.*
I woke up this afternoon, after 3 p.m., when the Natchez, tourists aboard trapped like rats; was out on the your left is St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest continually operated cathedral in the nation...
I had some coffee in a plastic "nyx" mardi gras cup, set up on the rafter next to my head.
"You Need To Get A Haircut And Cut Back On Coffee!"
What happened next, as I prepared to set up this laptop to record some audio, using its built-in "sound recorder," my unkempt dread-locked hair hit the cup when I was maneuvering around, getting the guitar ready and positioning the laptop so that the microphone would be about 15 inches from my mouth, and about 18 from the mouth of the guitar.
The cup of coffee came down on my shoulder, leg and all over my quilt.
One of the things that I wanted to check upon was whether or not the laptops mic would "compress" the audio, the way that the 35 dollar mp3 player which I bought at Radio Shack does.
A Technical Discussion of Compression (for mere catharsis...).
The compression means that the mic sets a certain reference level and then boosts quieter signals towards that level, and suppresses signals against exceeding that level.
The result is; if the voice is just too close, it will not drown out the guitar, because it will be cut back while the (relatively) quieter guitar will be least you will hear it; and in a lot of cases the mix is just like songs on the radio....which are compressed.
I hope that the mic compresses, is the point...though, I will eventually get a USB microphone and make a quality CD using this laptop...learning by the mistakes of  the crappy recordings in the right sidebar of this blog. I'm going to replace them. One by one, they will fall!!
Part of the problem with them was the background noise which was confusing the analog to digital converter, like interference....
A Note On The Future
*In the future, long into it, when the posts that I make and use the "post-date" feature of Blogger to set the publication date of well in advance; I might start off the ones which are set to publish on dates such as July 2nd, 2189, with things just like "I didn't wake up this morning; or "I died a long time ago, but..."
Maybe I can get future readers (reading the blog on futuristic devices) to embark upon a project to exhume me and then clone me using the DNA they find, using futuristic forensic technology...if I keep  bugging them with enough blog posts popping up, offering to work for them for a specific amount of time, in order to pay them back...
Off To Stoke
I am going to go out and stoke the star maker machinery behind the popular song for at least a couple hours, to hopefully replace what I will spend to today (is it time to spring for some pachouli, Lilly love it...?)


alex carter said...

Ugh nothing worse than the smell of stale coffee! I once got the bright idea to "help my skin" by cleaning my face with hot just-brewed coffee on a washcloth. Probably great for the skin, but the odor of stale coffee later was awful.

Can you put stuff on YouTube at all? I should mention that if you can, you're ahead of me! It might help stoke the star making machinery.

Daniel McKenna said...

I never thought about the stale coffee smell, though, the fragrance acquired from lounging around where rats leave their muddy, shitty paw prints all over everything when you're not there, hopefully masks that stale I might be
And, "if all else fails" there is always patchouli oil at 7 buck a vial...
P.S. Do you read these follow up comments?

Daniel McKenna said...
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Daniel McKenna said...

From a quick glance at whatever documentation I have, I would say that I can probably do whatever anyone else with Windows 8 can do; and those 20 somethings are getting their stuff on Youtube *somehow*
But I have also gathered that most of the stuff on this laptop is a "trial" or is a "30 Day Free Subscription," after which point (and when people worldwide are clamoring for a live version of Huberts Trip) WHAM!!!!* They get you!
Any major credit card will do, sir.
Am planning to put LINUX on this machine pronto; this thing doesn't even have Audacity -I need a chance to redeem myself on that program lol
*Not the band with the fag singer

alex carter said...

Yes I try to keep up with the follow up comments. One factor is I'm only online roughly one day a week, this is "Silicon Valley" you know so of course it's more backward, technologically speaking, than most podunk towns.

alex carter said...

OK on the computer ... you don't have to do the credit card shit, just get freeware programs that work with Win8, and so on.

Or, yeah, switch to Linux.

I use an old Thinkpad T60 with XP and when it finally craps out, I'll probably put Linux on this and look for a slightly less old machine that runs Win7.

Phew! The smelly of moldy rat shit etc stronger than the stank of old coffee? You must be a veritable rose, sir.