Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  • 23 Dollar Monday
  • Fully Charged
I woke up with about 47 bucks on me.
I suppose that it took some self discipline to go out and busk while in possession of this new laptop, when I much rather would have preferred to mess around with it.
I went and made about 23 bucks between 10 p.m. and midnight, when I went to Rouses Market for a few staples, and then on to the casino to plug in and mess around with the new Toshiba.
I intended to go back by Rouses Market to look for food, but then dwelt upon the fact that the only thing that I really would have been looking for would have been more salads-in-the-airtight-bags, and possibly some salad dressing, but it would have had to have been olive oil based...
So, I went straight to the dock. It was about 3:45 a.m.
I stayed up until sunup, reading Charles Dickens, then slept until such a time that it was too late to go to the food stamp office to try to get the card turned back on.
Now, Starbucks is closing in minutes, and I go back out to the Lilly spot to play from 9:30 until 1 a.m., 
It's 2:38 a.m., Wednesday
I left Starbucks and got an energy drink and then to the Lilly spot, where I arrived at 9:45 and played for 2 and a half hours; simmering down and working on new stuff when no tourists were within 75 feet, and then cranking it up a notch when they were passing by.
I put my mp3 recorder on my leg, which gave me a reason to try to kick ass.
For Someone
One group of 3 stopped when I was playing "For No One," by The Beatles and, after a decent harmonica solo, dropped 2 fives and 1 one, to go with one other five and a few ones.
It felt like another 23 dollar night, but I haven't counted yet...
I will count under the dock, after I dash this off, using the Starbucks connection outside Harrahs Casino where I am; before repairing to that location where I am going to try to have pasta; if I can get the "fast light" briquettes to EVER light.
I will attempt to make it to the food stamp office during business hours once again tomorrow...
Other than that; reading Nicholas Nickelby, by Charles Dickens.


armando said...

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alex carter said...

Now that you have a new laptop, you should have somewhat decent battery life, like a couple of hours. Anyplace that has free wifi when they're open, will still have it when they're closed because they're too lazy - or terrified of any kind of tech - to turn off "the wifi box" at closing time.