Saturday, May 10, 2014

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Last night, I stayed up until after sunrise, making the cartoon image of my face, seen in yesterdays post.
I was sipping off of the red wine which I had bought off of the discount (5$) rack at the Unique Boutique. It was disgusting. It was "corked."

Corked wine is wine which has been stopped by what has always been known as a "cork," and what comes from a cork tree and what has been traditionally used to stop wine bottles,
Wine bottles fermenting on a rack are typically stored in less than upright positions, keeping the underside of the cork moist, throughout the process.
When corks dry out, they become brittle and crack and allow oxygen to permeate them, come into contact with the wine inside the bottle, and supply the needed elements (air) for at least one type of bacteria to profligate, a bacteria whose "product" is not alcohol, but rather a matrix of compounds with names like polycarbohydrobenzobuto-trinitrate which give the wine what connoisseurs, whom are dialed in enough so that they can divine such subtle gustatory nuances as pencil lead,  currant, chocolate, saddle leather and my personal favorite; smoke; upon their palates, just by swishing some around their mouths, would call "off flavors."
So, the wine was corked, and a waste of 5 bucks, and I didn't even finish the bottle.
I went to the dock and got under it just about 15 minutes before the time that I would normally be blowing my candles out and switching to the sunlight reflecting off the river.
This intensely angled light is like a spotlight on any smoke which might be wafting through the air, and I had to scrap any plans to make a fire and boil water for pasta and grill the lamb arm chop steak, or whatever, which the dude had given me less than a half hour after I had ended my moratorium on drinking.
There are people who might believe that the devil, seeing that I had caved in to temptation and drank a hard cider, had sent one of his demons, a diabolical skeezer, at that, to pile further enticement upon me.
Stalking the streets, devouring whom he can, the devil ironically gives me something to devour in order to further his agenda.
I had to waste the meat. It had a $9.44 price tag on it; was still cold, and only hours out of date; and I LOVE lamb...I would have grilled it just right...oh well, nothing ventured nothing lost
Why would the devil, in tempting me to devour red meat and awaken my carnal desires, choose lamb as his instrument; warped sense of humor???

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Steven Wolski said...

Just to let you know, I read your blog religiously; lamb is an ironic gift in that situation!