Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blogging But Not Busking

Another Night Spent On This Computer Instead Of Busking

Wednesday morning, and my caseworker didn't call about my food stamps.
I was in the office yesterday and they e-mailed her to call me.
They can give me the run around and so they are; is that it?
Maybe I need to call some kind of lawyer and discuss how sick my homeless and unemployed (though I am seeking work as evidenced by my having registered for the "Hire" program) ass has become from eating out of garbage bins, and schedule an appointment with a doctor who has frequently given expert testimony in tort cases; who will weigh me and conclude that I have been irrevocably harmed by having my food benefits cut off; and we can put an initial settlement amount on the table as a starting point...
 I am going to look into the program and maybe come up with some name that I can drop; like does the department have a "minister of food stamps," or someone; the mention of whose name would make the local office workers put their i-phones down for a minute to see what I want?

Rain is in the forecast, which doesn't surprise me.
I took time off to do other things; and now that I need to go out and play; it is going to rain.
This is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with any evil forced bent upon my demise...
Music Recording Woes
I am still trying to download a program which will convert Audacity music files into mp3s which I can post on my page.
\And, It seems like every free program that I install, winds up inserting stuff on my computer, taking it over.
I have had adds popping up and telling me that it is "highly recommended" that I click and install a security fix; or a new Java....I don't know who is recommending this highly; I only know that my system slows down and acts quirky while all these boxes are popping up.
Do I really need to wait 10 minutes (Windows is updating; don't shut off your computer!!) for updates to load onto my machine, when I have 30 seconds to unplug and exit Starbucks before they lock me in?
Who composes these almost daily updates; and how full of holes is Windows if they have a new security flaw to deal with every other day?
And are these even coming from Windows or Toshiba or Java or Norton Security, or from hackers who have learned how to exploit the 148 dollar Toshiba Satellites (Saving 60% on a laptop could cost you your priceless data; is it worth it??)


alex carter said...

Now you see why I don't bother with "social services" although I qualify. It's too much like a job, to get on them, and keep getting them. Frankly, I'd make the same money ($150 or $200 a month in 'stamps) if I simply went out panhandling 3-4 days a month, it would cost the taxpaying public less, and it would be voluntary; each potential donor deciding on their own whether to hand me $40 and bid me a nice day, to handing me nothing and berating me while following me for a few yards; I've experienced both.

But as I don't care to panhandle unless I really need to (I consider panhandling something akin to eating porcupines when out in the forest. The rule is to not eat them, so they are there for people who are lost and desperate, they are supposedly easy to kill and yummy and nutritious, and are thus kept in reserve for the desperate, in forest lore. I think they teach this in Scouts.)

That laptop sounds like an utter pain. What I'd suggest is getting an old Windows 7 machine, preferably a Thinkpad. The Thinkpad I'm using cost all of $100 with the dock, the battery will still go almost an hour, and it was about $2500 new.

Since you don't have a fridge etc., it's hard to stock up on food when you're in the money, but next time you get a wad together, just go buy your gallon of olive oil, and any other foodstuffs you stress over, it seems you're Jonesing for a few things really, and then see how much easier your life becomes.

Daniel McKenna said...

Let me condense all the comments;
First of all:
"0/10, would not listen again." -is that from a song?
Second: 1803 Gravier Street,
New Orleans, LA 70112
Is my mailbox; but I have to check it every 45 days or so; or they will think I left town and close it (will make sure it's open soon and let you know)
Third: I actually misspelled whether on a college paper once (Short story 101 or something) and the professor was extra hard on me because I was the only English major in his English class; he wrote: "Yikes! Hurricanes, tornadoes?" in the margin.
That kind of stuck with me; except then, when I was on zero sleep; and the spell check won't catch it because weather and whether are both words...
I just need to get Windows off this machine; I just got a WARNING your e-mail inbox is infected: System Detected () potentially malicious e-mail viruses etc. etc. telling me to call tech support now with a 1(888) number
Why have I never gotten infected in 16 years; but twice now, within hours of downloading a free program (Audacity, and the LAME mp3 converter) I have had awful breaches and need to start paying for internet security software; who the hell wants my mailbox password and "financial information" (that's a laugh)?!?
The latest is from, which sounds like they are in the business of warning/scaring people. What happens after you call the high priority e-mail recovery line is probably that you are connected to a shameless teleskeezer
But, closing the box won't keep it from popping up again; and it's taking longer to connect lately, which might be related
I just need to find the right Linux forum and look up "How to I completely remove every vestige of Windows from my laptop?" in the FAQ section

Daniel McKenna said...

P.S. Panhandling must require a thick skin...I don't even like someone walking towards me and give them the evil eye as soon as I catch them out of the corner of mine...within 10 seconds of pulling my smokes out, or God forbid, not having the change from Uniques tucked away before exiting...

Alex said...

Panhandling requires .... having peddled Almond Roca as a kid. My family rapidly fell out of the middle class bracket, but while we were still in it, there were all kinds of fundraising campaigns for Scouts and stuff, that involved selling stuff like Almond Roca.

You have to be willing to deal with about 3/2's refusal rate, and just know that if you ask enough people, you will do well over the space of a few hours.

Iru Streetiam said...

Hi. I have been sharing a few of these postsof yours on Very interesting but I want to see some video of you on the street performing. Can you send me any links? Thanks