Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time Off To Do This

I promise to update and fluff out the personal bios in the sidebar, am looking forward to it; you characters...
Better Recordings Already Exist
I have begun to delete the crappy recordings off of my sidebar.
I can't believe that I was in so much of a hurry to have music on my blog that I posted those songs...

I think I will heat up some granola in water over the fire, with liberal amounts of real butter, added to the water; along with salt...
Clear Sailing today!!
Then, it will become like oatmeal, really.
Food Stamp Lady Didn't Call
The food stamp lady never called on this; supposedly her last day to do so.
I cannot help but think that there is some "I never got the e-mail" involved here; and I will get my stamps; and they will have delayed me about 20 days along the way.
I do not doubt that this is built in to the system.
I have to make a special trip
I guess I have to go to the office tomorrow and show persistence and maybe get them this time.
I want olive oil, sesame oil, vinegar, oatmeal, Bob Marley relaxation drinks, etc..


  1. This is why I never bother with food stamps, even though I qualify. It becomes a full time job to get the damn things, plus the whole living in fear of their sueing you for the whole amount or you go to jail thing. I frankly found panhandling to be much more honest, as well as a much lighter cost to the public. Note I've not panhandled for years, but really, with all the free food you find, do you really need to be on food stamps?

  2. The stamps are good for things like a gallon of olive oil which is over 20 bucks; and you can't even really eat it; and the free food is not good for someone with food allergies; other than that; I would be obese...

  3. Can you quit smoking? That would pay for olive oil easily. I mean, alcohol is essential to your lifestyle, but the various smoking materials are costing you enough that you could bathe in olive oil if you weren't buying cigs and weed all the time.

    You're actually making enough money, you're just blowing it out like shit out of a goose.


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