Saturday, June 28, 2014

106 Dollar Friday

I make a kick-ass recording later, totally blacked out...

I got back under the dock, and unburdened myself of a load of food; to include about a half pound of "Irish Butter," and a loaf of 9 grain bread, salads to include such things as "baby kale," tomatoes and okra, salmon in the plastic thing, and other things that I am forgetting.
Then I made a recording that I didn't remember making until I woke up the next morning and plugged in the laptop. I think this is a pretty "candid" recording; too light on the vocals, but I am in the process of solving that perplexity. 
If you didn't enjoy "Under The Dock," which was yesterdays post,  beseech you to listen to the above
I started out with a worthless coin, which even said: "No Cash Value" on it.
I had "copped short" on Canal Street, earlier -telling the weed girl that I only had (my last) 4 dollars. She let me go; without popping a cap in me.
I'll destroy your camera!

I started playing at about 9 in the evening. My spotlight was medium bright, and fading.
After about a half hour, a group of about 4 young African Americans came by, and one girl in particular amongst them came over and requested that I play "Me And Bobby McGee," by Janis Joplin. (so much better than if she had asked for Scott Joplin)
I played and she sang. I was sounding the song out from memory and only had a couple of glitches. She was a good singer and hit some good bent notes, and that probably gave her the satisfaction and the venting of energy that it took to throw me a 20 dollar bill.
"Where's your tip thing?" she asked.
"I usually just put the money between the sharks, you know, so it looks like they are already circling even though I haven't even counted it yet; but tonight, I'm just starting out with this..." (holds worthless coin up to the spotlight).
"Well, now you have a 20 dollar bill," she said.
That's how I knew that I had a 20 dollar bill, even before I had looked at it.
I ran to Sydneys and bought a 4 pack of AAA batteries, and a pack of American Spirits, and then ran back for a beer, on second thought before I had gotten too far a away.
I set up the ultra bright light over the 8 dollars or so which was left between the sharks and played; and a group of about 5 came by; and it seemed that they liked everything that I played. I played the recognizable Neil Young song; threw in some harmonica; then The Original Song, and they seemed very sincere in throwing me a good tip of about 8 bucks; but then, I saw the guys taking money out, but just holding it in out of view; and they asked me to play something like: "Play what you were going to play before we came along," and, whatever it was (forgive me I'm drinking again) they wound up handing me 40 more dollars, each bill coming with a handshake; and they said "We really enjoyed ourselves," and then added: "Keep on doing what you're doing; keep following your dream."
I wound up getting about 106 dollars; after it was counted over a veritable banquet of food; diminished only by the fact that I had not gotten charcoal briquettes; and had to pass upon the lamb steaks.

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alex carter said...

OK I listened to the recording you didn't know you'd made. Ugh it's Grateful Dead, that song that goes "down by the riverside" etc doo de doo...

I guess if I could actually identify the song, you probably sound better than most of your peers. And I kind of even like, er, don't hate that song as much as I hate most Dead stuff.