Monday, June 2, 2014

78 Dollar Saturday

78 Dollar Saturday
I played for almost 5 hours!
It's almost 3 in the morning.
I set up on the Lilly spot, earlier and tried to take a picture with this laptop.
I used the self timer; but aimed a little high; didn't get the sharks...
Better luck next time.
I probably made about 15 bucks in an hour and a half. I was just trying to play an abbreviated set, to cover the expenses of the day, which I almost did.
New Harp In G
I went and got a new harp in the key of G this afternoon.
I messed around with Audacity for one of the first times.
Under the dock, as it were; pretty drunk and just seeing what I could get for sound quality.
Mixing it for ear buds as I did is not a good idea because on a regular stereo the bass would be booming.

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alex carter said...

OK more data .... you're staying in shitfaced skeezer mode.

You did pretty well when you weren't drinking.