Thursday, June 26, 2014

An Mp3 To Show For The Day

Sober Days Reset To Zero
Yesterday, I did my computer stuff first, and then went out towards the Lilly Spot.
I had been going on 9 days without drinking, and so, when I saw an almost full bottle of Chivas Regal 12 year old scotch, sitting in a shoe box in front of an art gallery where a party had been thrown, my first thought was: "What am I going to do with this?"
I knew that it couldn't have been there long. Because of the high value of it, I took it with me; thinking that I could easily sell it for 10 bucks.
I smelled it and tasted it to make sure it hadn't been watered down.
I thought that I could even sell shots of it at my spot, by standing the bottle up next to me, and then when people made comments like "Wow, you're drinking the good stuff!" I could offer them a shot for a buck, saying that I spent all my money on it; and haven't made much back, or something.
But, the taste led to another taste, and pretty soon I was busking on the stuff.
A group came along and tipped me 10 bucks over the coarse of about 4 songs, even though I didn't know any "Smashing Pumpkins" music.
The scotch had the desired effect of putting me in the mood to play; yet not impairing me. It's the nightly ritual of drinking which wears you down. It seems to worm its way further into your brain on each successive night; until you become the "moody drunk."
Decent Sound Quality Achieved*
I have been inspired to work towards making a musical blog posts by setting the text to music, or at least the headlines. The above recording sounded good through headphones. If it sounds too crappy, then the problem is with the mp3 hosting site or the internet connection, or both... 
This morning, I finished off the bottle, and made the recording above, after the boat left with its noisy steam engine; and the river was calm, for a few rare moments.
It is representative of the type of sound quality that this laptop is capable of.
* I just listened to it off this blog and the reverberation is way higher than what I mixed it to. I'll have to figure that out.
The first jam is an improvised thing, of the type that I do at the Lilly spot; followed by part of "Almost Blue," by Elvis Costello, a song that I am ill advised to do at the spot, due to its soft volume. In between are snippets of me singing along with the calliope, as I so often do...
There aren't any overdubs. That is where the songs become convoluted; because all of the background noise from each separate track gets added into the final mix. Plus there is the latency issue to deal with.


alex carter said...

All I get it "load error!" it probably sounds like ... the rest of your stuff anyway.

Daniel McKenna said...

No it doesn't; I am entering the age of intelligible recordings; plus I have 2 years of experience as a NOLA busker under my belt now..!

alex carter said...

Have you considered putting vids on YouTube? I say this because it appears to be easier than doing some of the soundcloud type stuff.

I have a camera that's supposed to be able to do HD video, I just use it as a point-shoot-duh cam for Ebay pics. But the memory card I have for it will hold something the length of Schindler's List apparently.

Yes I've not done any video. I should see about that.

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