Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Stoned Mason

Last night, I Played just until I got a single 5 dollar bill thrown to me; and then I went off to do computer related stuff.
In the morning: 
Click here to hear: I Recorded Under The Dock, (click to hear just jamming on a bit of the Costello song; with attention to the sound quality; and especially how obnoxious the waves crashing in the background is)
and that was about what I did after I finished my stone masonry.
I jammed on an Elvis Costello song. It was mostly a test to see just how obnoxious the sound of the crashing waves from the river would be in a recording.

Stone Masonry
I got up ;this morning at about 11, and realized that I had slept only 7 hours, assuming that I had slept the whole time. I wasn't very tired. My amount of tiredness fell into the category of: if I wasn't looking forward to anything, then I could go back to sleep; but, if I had a compelling reason to get up; I would.
No More Head Foot Higher Than Foot
I went back to sleep.
When I awoke, it was about mid afternoon and the boat was gone.
I decided to do some radical stone masonry upon where I sleep. The 6 day fast had made me skinnier, and I wanted to turn some of the food which I have started to eat; into muscle.
Lifting rocks which are just light enough for me to lift and then heaving them with all my might would be a good activity to help promote this.
I unpeeled all the cardboard and removed the plank; and then set about to take all of the huge rocks out from underneath. I tossed the rocks of the size of a potato and smaller, in one direction and the huge rocks, I threw as far as I could. There were some which I could just barely lift; and I kind of rolled them away, down the slope towards the river.
I then returned all of the small rocks to where my bed is, and was easily able to smooth them into a flat surface and now my bed is pretty much flat; rather than inclined with the head about a foot higher than the foot..    

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alex carter said...

You could try a "camouflage" low wall so people just casually looking can't see you're sleeping in there. No see, no worry.