Monday, June 16, 2014

Juice Problems

My first day without alcohol after 30 days off and then about 35 days back on; started with me waking up at the sign spot, well rested as the sun was setting.
I drank the prune juice and used the restroom and then went to charge this laptop, but had to curtail that operation when it became necessary to make a second run to the restroom, and I am working with about 17% of my batteries "juice" right now.
I want to hit Facebook and wish my sister a happy June 17th birthday. That is a date which I had memorized, along with our (5 digit in 1967) phone number.
That way, if I were to have gotten lost and had a dime, I could call home and describe my surroundings, so that dad would be dispatched in the '66 Buick Le Sabre to pick me up. I could give my sisters birth date to prove that it was I, and not some other 5 year old kid prank calling lol!!
I got to the Barnaby spot at 11 p.m. and observed quite a little gathering of about a half dozen of Barnabys-friends-looking types milling about on his steps with cocktails in hands.
On Lillys stoop where two glasses almost full with mixed alcoholic drinks; just sitting there.
The things you encounter on your first day of sobriety!
Barnaby had his stereo playing and the sound was bleeding out into the street.
I couldn't help thinking that, it was either "Well, if Daniel isn't going to show up, I'll put on some music," or "If Daniel is going to be as drunk as he was last night and start to play each song, but then stop and say 'I'm not going to entertain you cheap a*******!' then sit there scowling; then I'm going to put on some music."
That was what drove me to undergo another attempt at being "dry" for as long as possible.
I was pissed off by the tourists who walked past me and were unresponsive, so that I was harboring hostility towards the next group coming along, who might have been the nicest people in the world, before they even had a chance to ignore me.
There was a convention of Jehovahs Witnesses in town, for Christs sake (excuse the pun) and I was sitting there with an open container of Steel Reserve next to me with the air redolent with marijuana; and I had the gall to become upset when I wasn't doing so well, tipwise?!?
The antidote to 99% of busking problems is to play harder, play better and force a smile if necessary.
The Steel Reserve had gotten the better of me, but, like Popeye, I decided: "That's alls I can stands I cant stands no more!!" and I have been sober for one (1) day, as of now.
Jim The Artist Reappears
I ran into Jim, the artist who had been encouraging me through the first 30 day period of dryness, and who had all but disappeared (working on a mural somewhere) during the 35 days when I was back drinking.

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