Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Day Sober All Over Again

Early this morning, after the sun was up, the steamboat was a-bustle with activity and so I went to the sign spot and slept for about 8 hours.
Now, I am up and have had 24 ounces of prune juice and have used to McDonalds rest room.
Am feeling pretty weak (which usually only occurs on the 2nd or 3rd day of a juice fast/cleanse) but am also carrying lot of weight in my bag with the half gallon of apple juice along with this laptop.
I am starting out with 76 cents; and no cigarettes (though, those must go, this time)...

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Scott McKinney said...

It is a process, but it is what it is. Bad habits tend to leave their residues upon their passing and its those that tend to create an effect. Call it withdrawal, or otherwise, but those are simple details we should come into terms with and work out in laying out a new and sober state for ourselves. Good luck!

Scott McKinney @ Midwest Institute For Addiction