Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blogging For Dummies

I think blogging is for dummies.
I made about 20 bucks tonight; and 20 last night; but I am still smoking and drinking about that much.
\But there is help on the way; because I do believe that I will go on another juice fast and kick all those expensive habits.
I don't want to have them if  I should embark upon my trip up north to see family and friends and skeeze off them for a while whom I haven't seen in 9 years....
I might think that it would be a great adventure, to be hard drinking and hard rocking my way along, but; most, if not all of the musicians that I know who are able to travel; and actually ride buses instead of freight trains; don't drink.
Doesn't drink...
Tonight, I played an all Godsmack set, starting out with "Sweet Leaf," into "Running Blind," then did "Awake," into "Asleep" and then a friggin long jam on "Why," into "Dead And Broken" and then was doing "Greed" when I really ran out of talent, and decided that the 18 dollars that people had thrown into my tip jar was bullshit. There weren't that many people out, but it was bullshit.
I started to play "Sick of Life," but even that wasn't getting it; bad night...thanks, Godsmack....


alex carter said...

Take your off season and take your skeeze on the road why not? You could make up a tall tale about a wife and kid at home etc etc really skeeze it up!

Daniel McKenna said...

Then test my ability to make up b.s. stories about them? "How old is the kid? 12? Oh, so he was born in 2000, eh?"
"Yeah, I mean, no was sometime around then; I get my centuries mixed up..."
Why not just tell them that I haven't seen family or friends in 10 years?