Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Gasping

I went to Walgreens and gasped when they asked for 29 dollars to fill the prescription which I had gotten from the Interim LSU medical center. I had $2.21 on me.
The A/C In Starbucks Helps...
The funny thing is that I can't seem to make any money at all busking; perhaps because I know that I am not at my best because of my breathing problems; so I don't even try. Plus, feeling sick is not the feeling that a busker is trying to put out there....
I spent this early morning gasping for air, again; after sleeping fitfully most of the night. Lilly had given me a couple of candles; but they were citronella candles; and I wondered if they were not making matters worse on my lungs.
I had played at the Lilly Spot, where there were hardly any tourists out.
Lilly came out and wound up talking to me for a while, after I texted her to tell her that it hurt my feelings when she and her daughters sneak by me into their house without acknowledging me.
She has been having her own problems; with her vehicle, for one, but was sympathetic about my health issues.
I didn't make any money. At all.
I went to Rouses Market around half past midnight; where 2 guys had already started to dig into the trash and had a veritable banquet arrayed along the sidewalk.
I grabbed some salads and a loaf of 9 grain bread; to go along with a cannister of oatmeal and some honey which I had bought earlier with my food card.
I had spent my last cent on a 24 ounce Steel Reserve 'blackberry' beer; and it only made me ornery and cantankerous; and prone to become bothered by little things like Lilly not saying hello.
I got under the dock and lit a candle and was preparing to eat something when I found my breathing becoming labored.
There might be something about the humidity under there which contributes to the bronchitis; lying down never helps; as it seems to allow fluid up into my throat area.
I slept fitfully; and in the morning; positively suffered as I struggled to get oxygen. It felt like I could only take in a handful of air; and even when I forced as much air into my lungs as I could; it felt like I wasn't absorbing it.
As soon as the boat left, I sat up and meditated and was able to find some relief. As soon as I shouldered my backpack and guitar and took a few steps though, I felt winded as if I had climbed a flight of stairs and my heart was pounding the way it would after I had fasted for 10 or more days in the past. In a sense, I have been fasting; with my appetite being so dismal, commensurate with the bronchitis.
Walgreens wanted about 30 bucks to fill the prescription which the doctors at the hospital (which isn't free) gave me.
One of the drugs was for allergies (Claritin) and the other was apparently a cough suppressant.
I didn't see how these would help me breath; plus I am a cheapskate.
Plus, there has to be a natural, dietary solution. It could be that the 24 ounce Steel Reserve "blackberry" beer has something in it which is inflaming my lungs. 
I wouldn't know; because I have managed to have at least one each night with the exception of Sunday; when I never came out from under the dock....
I am thinking of trying to see the doctor at The Rebuild Center; who IS free; and whose prescribed medications are, I believe also free. How are the clientele there going to be able to afford 30 bucks for a couple bottles of pills?

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alex carter said...

You'd better get your ass to the Rebuild Center since a cough suppressant and Claritin are not the right medicines for PNEUMONIA.