Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 17 Of Bronchitis

My health is still the headline.
I have not been what I would call "sick" since February of 2005. I certainly haven't been this sick.

About a year and a half ago; I had that sudden cramping in my neck which ultimately affected my tonsils; and then produced the same kind of symptoms of the "bronchitis" which I have now.
The tonsil thing (which was probably "quinsy" as Alex In California had suggested) persisted for more than 6 weeks; but the coughing up of metallic tasting yellowish-green stuff only lasted a few days.
That time, I was checked by the doctor at The Rebuild Center who, I don't even think prescribed me anything. 
Nine and a half years of health have spoiled me, perhaps; but it is over.
I took a long hot shower at the VA this afternoon; and found that to be a big mistake.
My lungs got so tight afterwards; that I sat down in the air conditioned TV room and gave it 10 or 15 minutes before I planned to call 911 for an ambulance. They could chose the emergency room because they would be the ones driving.
It was that bad. I could envision myself passing out; and those jokers there; not knowing what to do...
Wide World of Shorts
I guess I have met my match in New Orleans which features half-smoked cigarette butts (or, "shorts") laying everywhere, "spanning the globe" to bring us a constant variety of micro-organisms.
The joy of victory; when an already lit American Spirit rolls towards you on the sidewalk after being flicked by someone whom has had all of her shots...
And the agony of defeat; when you finish a cigarette that someone flicked at the trolley stop, before getting on board; and you immediately notice a scratchiness behind your Adams Apple, which proceeds to a dry cough and points south.
I assume that is where this whole thing started.
It's too bad. I had just finished another juice fast/cleanse of about 5 days; and had cut way back on tobacco. To only a few puffs here and there off a butt at the trolley stop, for example...
Too Sick To Pick?
I exchanged text messages with Lilly at about 9:45 last night from outside the Wal-Greens on Canal Street:
Me: "I am not going to play tonight, because I am still feeling weak and tired and I want to get to sleep early at the sign spot, so I can get to the Rebuild Center early in the morning to see their free doctor, who might give me the same medications, but for free.
Lilly: "OK. Text me any time if you need me; and I will respond."
Me: "Do you have any aspirin?"
Me: "Only if you are headed this way..."
Lilly: "I am headed towards home."
Me: "OK, going to sleep!"
And, with that, I went to the sign spot with a half gallon of orange juice and I lied down and slept poorly.
It got downright cold, dropping into the 60's and I had to get up and put a long sleeve shirt over my tee shirt.
Standing up for just a few seconds sent me into a coughing fit; and it took me a half hour to get to sleep again.
I woke up coughing my brains out; as a lady from the apartments across the street stood nearby, holding her poodle (named "Lady") on a leash.
I have seen the duo about every one of the mornings; these past 3 years that I have slept at the sign spot; originally with Sue, The Colombian Lady, and now just whenever I have early morning business in that area; such as doing laundry at the VA Center; going to The Rebuild Center, or giving the dock spot a strategic night off, randomly, so as to throw skeezers off of my trail....I don't think he sleeps by the river; last night I saw him headed the other way....type of thing.
Lady Out Of Habit Shows More Concern Than Lady Walking Lady Out Of Habit
After kind of shaking my head a bit over how the lady who is in the habit of walking the poodle named Lady each morning; but whom has offered only a couple waves over the coarse of 3 years could see me face-down in the mulch, coughing and wheezing my brains out and sucking air; but not even asking me "Are you alright?," I went to the VA Center, put my clothes in; and then made it to The Rebuild Center, just as they were composing the list to see the doctor.

The lady who was functioning as receptionist showed great concern after I asked to be put on the doctors list "because I can hardly breath."
I don't know if she is a nun or a lay worker.
It's hard to tell the difference these days because the nuns have fallen out of the habit of wearing the habit anymore...
She urged me to sit down and to relax and told me that I would certainly be seen by the doctor.
She even came by, as I sat reading and waiting, to ask me if I was alright; and laid a hand on one of my shoulders.
The doctor concluded that my lungs sounded terrible; and told me to go to the very same emergency room where I had already been; so that I could have more extensive tests than were possible there, at Rebuild.
I don't know why I didn't tell him that I had already been there. I didn't want him to think that I was using him as a second opinion, I guess?
I really should have spoken up and been honest and said; I already was examined but can't afford the medicine; so I came here.....
I will return to Rebuild on Friday, holding the same prescriptions and write-ups which were given me last Friday at that emergency room as if I had gotten them AFTER seeing the Rebuild doctor instead of BEFORE. Oh, what tangled webs we weave; when we practice to deceive!
This will delay my getting the pills by another 2 days; unless I go out and have a stellar busking night tonight and just pay cash for them afterwards; assuming I can breath well enough to sing well enough...

Do you have any aspirin? (Only if you are headed this way).
Lilly answered: "I am headed towards home."

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alex carter said...

Dude I've had many a case of bronchitis, and it means coughing a lot but the actual laboring at breaching, whistling etc sounds, physical exhaustion, etc point to PNEUMONIA.

Used to be called the soldier's friend, as lots of soldiers in the Civil War used to die of it.

Get to some kind of a real doctor (apparently the one you went to is either a quack or wants a homeless guy to die) and once they look at a sample of that shit you're coughing up, you'll get proper meds and maybe even a few days bed rest in a nice hospital bed.

This is serious shit that people die from.