Saturday, July 26, 2014

Interim LSU Hospital

"...The Envelope, Please...It's BRONCHITIS!!"
I got up at around 4 this morning; and decided to put on the still damp jeans which had been hanging by my head to dry for about 16 hours (adding to my suspicion that it is very humid under the dock) and to go to the emergency room about my pneumonia or upper respiratory infection; or whatever they are finding now, as I sit here and wait for them to get back to me about my .
X-rays and my blood test.
I just picked this emergency room because I knew about its existence; not realizing that it is not free; and I will probably be billed hundreds of dollars at the address of The Rebuild Center, which is the only one that I could think of to give them.
Yesterday, things got so bad that I didn't think I had the strength to carry my 20 pound pack along with my guitar the 2 miles to get here; so I just lied down and ate nothing, but just drank distilled water.
Eating seemed to make the symptoms worse; a few hours afterwards. I suppose the body needs oxygen to digest food; and I wasn't getting enough into my lungs to do the job and keep me alive at the same time. That is my theory.
I thought about hiding my stuff under there and walking unencumbered; but, being aware of my own delirium bourn of dehydration, lack of sleep and lack of oxygen, I decided not to take the chance that I wasn't thinking clearly and opted not to make any major decision, other than to lie down.
It would take just one skeezer seeing me walking without my stuff who had nothing better to do than to spend an hour or two under the dock looking for something for free.
They are pretty much afraid to go under there after dark, due to the rumors about "rats the size of your head," spiders, and the newest attraction; which has been garnering attention and more than one rock thrower from the river walk; the 5 foot alligator.
When I go under there in the wee hours of the morning; I usually hear a loud splash. That would be the 5 foot terror running like hell at the sight of me. But the skeezers don't need to know that.
Let me wrap a bandage around my ankle one day; one soaked in blood from some raw meat; and answer "Gator got me"
But, I was able to actually get to sleep. I never went into the Quarter, staying under the dock for a whole 24 hours.
On one hand, my body seemed to need the sleep; but I wasn't hungry at all.

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alex carter said...

You are describing pneumonia to a T, my friend. One of my younger sisters almost died of it.