Friday, July 25, 2014

Over The Pneumonia

  • Friends Genuinely Concerned About My Health
  • I Am Impressed By The Self Control Shown By Nola Skeezers
  • As Soon As Pneumonia Subsides, I Am Traveling
I have had an outpouring o
f messages from Facebook friends who are generally concerned that if I have pneumonia, then it might just get worse.
At the same time, my cough has loosened up and it seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and not just the stars that I see when I cough my hardest.
The whole time that I was sick, I hardly busked at all; but had people randomly hand me 20 dollar bills; after just striking up conversations with me.
I became a real asshole while ill, though; and spewed my venom upon any and all that came into my path.
For example, when I went past the Barely Legal club on Bourbon, and the girls were standing in the doorway trying to entice customers inside by looking "barely legal" i.e. just turned 18, I would say something like: "Do you have a younger sister?" and that is just mean; even though it would take at least 18 years just to tattoo their bodies such if the artists were working around the clock and high on cocaine.
I was merciless on beggars.
The funny thing is that, one would think that I should have provoked any one of them to rebuke me and take offense just upon general principle over the way that I talked to them.
I basically called them weak, ineffectual cowards and losers, who had no power to go out into the world and make their way and that they should be ashamed of themselves and that I was ashamed of them and that if God created man in His image then he surely is ashamed of them and that they made me sick and were disgusting, etc....
And, all of them just went about their way; not paying me any mind as if they encountered my type often and had deemed the best course to be just to walk away. There is plenty of money in skeezing and no good reason to jeopardize it by becoming belligerent with one guy; just move on to the next.
These are real professionals.
I was impressed, because my impression of African Americans is that you just cannot insult them. "Nobody talks to me like that!" has been a mantra which I have associated with them (even to a fault, such as in basic training in the army when a lot of them from places like Detroit just would not fall in line and be disciplined)

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