Friday, July 4, 2014

No Post Today

There will be no post today; I watched the fireworks; it is the 4th of July; before that, I was at the Lilly spot where, at first, a guy whom I knew but didn't recognize was skeezing.
I didn't recognize him as a guy who remodeled houses; and who showed me a bunch of pictures of his projects off of a jump drive one night, as I sat online outside Starbucks; because he was skeezing; so I didn't look real close.
Now, the fireworks are over. It is about 10 in the evening; and, I hope that the people in the house next to Lilly's are no longer playing loud music out of that house;
There are people in town for the Essence Festival, which is, I guess a black thing.
Last night, I broke the 20 dollar barrier in a couple of hours of playing.
I will go on record as saying that the black people, and especially the women; have not been at the bottom of the tipping totem pole by any means; in the time I have been doing this.
A couple times, a black person approached and told me that they only had "some change"; and it wound up being like $4.89 in coins.
And, when black people DO tip, it is likely to be 2 or 3 dollars; as if they are one of the frst races to get the fact that a dollar just ain't what it used to be...
So, I am not heeding the warnings, nor giving any substance to the admonition to "run for your lives, white people!" and will go back out and play for people who are in town for the Essence Festival.


Stevie Wolski said...

It's a nigger fest=have mercy upon them the same as you would beasts; you wouldn't beat a mule, Daniel; I know you have your favorites;
When our forefathers bought slaves to bring into the labor force here; they were not sold the brightest nor strongest, nor most healthy mentally etc. They sold us exactly what they wanted to get rid of; and when you look around this great but fading nation that is what you see; all the extra cops on duty and the overtime which they were paid just to make sure that our hands weren't bitten by the uncivilized savages which we have fed since they were born and claimed their entitlement; is a damned shame; add to that everything else; don't get me started Daniel;
I will say that there are good folks working at reverse engineering viruses using the sickle cell anemia thing as a model and they will soon have something which, when unleashed in the water or the air will decimate those; and restore the earth; more on that later; I can give you more info in a private message

Darius Palermo said...

Steve it is kind of propitious that ONLY black people get sickle cell anemia; and it does kind of open up the door for our more demented biologists; you better hope that they don't isolate any virus that close minded bigots are susceptible to LOL!!!
But I appreciate the comments I like them..

alex carter said...

I'm sure you guys have something to say about the skeezers, at least blacks take a shower once in a while.